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  1. come on guys lets get going!!! i dont wanna go into ot and definetly not into a shootout.
  2. The very worst thing was they called Franzen......Hudler, lol How can you mix those two up???
  3. I think Lebda really improved throught out the year, and i think he is gonna get quite a bit better. He is only 25 yrs old and he has a long way to go. Kronwall has been good, when he's not injured that is. Lebda might not be big, but he has made some smart plays. i dont think he will make the number 4 spot, but he deserves it.
  4. I think he will havea solid game also. He would have had a great game if it weren't for the give away. He had the only goal..
  5. yeah i do too, but we can't stress over it now, maybe he will play in game 7.
  6. That really sucks, we need him. Hope Jiri can help the team out tonight. GO JIRI GO!!
  7. good one so true, lol
  8. I have complete and total faith in my team. The wings will not get beat by the likes of a team named after a corny disney movie. Lets go out there boys and kill those duckies. GO WINGS!!!
  9. Wow Ducks fans know how to add?? Bravo I can do some math too. 2+2=4 WINGS IN 7!!! GO WINGS GO!!!
  10. Dom will have an exellent game, i'm sure of it.
  11. I can't believe the ppl on here that are still bashing Bert. How can you with the last two games he has had. He has been getting consistantly better throughout the playoffs. He still has lingering back injuries, but i think he is doing great. I hope he is gonna play tonight for the wings sake, they need his size and strength.
  12. haha this one is great too
  13. Yeah, I felt terrible for Lilja too. He has been awesome in these playoffs so far. We can't look at what happened last game, we need to look at whats gonna happen tonight, and that is the wings are gonna kick the ducks ass! GO WINGS GO!!!
  14. Everyone better get their asses in gear, we gotta win this one boys!!!
  15. DAMN! What a dissappointing game. I can't believe they lost that one, they better be ready for game 3. It is going to be tough to win away.