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  1. Lids to the rafters

    If feds would have stayed a wing there's no way in hell he wouldnt be up there .. all the records he has recorded as a wing thats hhuugge.. Plus all those GW's .. Shanny shouldnt even get a honorable mention Feds 1993-94 Hart Memorial Trophy 1993-94 Frank J. Selke Trophy 1993-94 Lester B. Pearson Trophy 1995-96 Frank J. Selke Trophy ga goa ass pnts Sergei Fedorov C 908 400 554 954 4th all time in Redwings POINTS Shanny 2002-03 King Clancy Memorial Trophy ga goa ass pnt Brendan Shanahan 716 309 324 633 8th alltime in Redwings POINTS
  2. Markov

    Our defense would be fricken solid ... now only if they could package up lilja and huddles for Doan thatd be tight ... hell even throw in grigs before he defects ..