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  1. Problems with DirecTV / Dish / Center Ice blackouts

    Glad to hear that someone south of the border can recieve FSN Detroit's "Wings telecasts. Out here in 43567 Fulton Co. land we're still blacked out. From Swanton west Blacked out...... DirecTV replied via e-mail that they were complying with the NHL's new territory restructuring, that I could purchase Center Ice and to put pressure on the NHL through their fan feedback page. That is if it worked.. Tried that..Looks like I'll have to snail mail them. Haven't heard back from the "Wings yet either. I feel like I'm drowning in a pool of 'BoooJacket Goo!!! We need to band together and bombard the NHL and the "Wings to try and get this changed. National Hockey League 1251 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 (212) 789-2000 Or, use the "feedback" feature at NHL.com.
  2. Problems with DirecTV / Dish / Center Ice blackouts

    I went through all the runaround with DirecTV also. I recieved a reply from FSNAnswerMan about zip codes 435xx Only in Lucas county is the blackout lifted. Out here in Fulton county all 435xx zips are considered Poo-jackets territory. I was told to purchase NHL Center Ice. I shouldn't have to. FSN Detroit is my RSN. It should include all Detroit teams for me. Not all exept the 'Wings. I went through all this earlier this year with the Tigers. I only get RSN Ohio through the Sports pack purchase. Without the Sportspack FSN Ohio teams would be blocked out for me. All counties bordering Michigan should be able to get all the teams on FSN Detroit. We have some people out there making decisions that have no common sense.......