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  1. In there. Maybe stick with Bieber's lyrics.
  2. Lol. How dare he not use a 7 year old thread!
  3. Yeah it'll update once the season starts.
  4. The powerplay will protect us from Kenny!
  5. Guess they learnt their lesson from the 2010 playoffs. Nice one!
  6. The PS thread would've been so much better if it was PIT. What a shame.
  7. Shouldn't take long.
  8. I'm with you on Kronwall. Alfie hasn't been particularly over-worked this year so I'd keep him in if he's healthy. Datsyuk is a little different as I'm seeing it. We need him to be at max capacity come Boston (or PIT) and I'm thinking resting him is the opposite of what he needs. He's been okay and contributed, but really hasn't looked like his usual self at all since his return. This is to be expected, so I'm not trying to sound alarms. A couple more games to get his rhythm back before the PO's is the best thing for him as I see it. This assumes that it is in fact true that he can't exacerbate his knee troubles by playing, as is being claimed.
  9. Jackets just effed up bad. Same with Washington, losing to a team with only 8 forwards for a lot of the night. Pretty much the perfect night if the Wings finish the Sabres. If my calcs are correct, the Wings only need 3 more wins now (including vs. Sabres) to clinch playoffs. So two more wins, if the Wings beat Buffalo.
  10. GDT

    Awesome! This made my day.
  11. Sheahan-Tatar-Jurco God I love those kids!
  12. I dunno man. Andersson scores a lot more than Glendening and that's kind of important to Detroit right now. I'm a massive fan of Glendening, don't get me wrong, but prior to his injury Andersson's line was probably the most consistent line we had for a while. They were able to sustain offensive pressure for extended periods as well as remain defensively reliable. As much as a I love Luke Glendening, I think our scoring troubles are going to dictate that Andersson has preference over him when the decision needs to be made. Same for Sheahan, love him too -- but Andersson is IMO higher on our depth chart right now.
  13. Wow, that team's kind of a head-scratcher. Worth mentioning; Mrazek honestly seems like a glaring omission when you check (pun intended) out the backups they selected. This team is pretty terrible. Good luck to them.
  14. At least we're doing better than Toronto.