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  1. Player of the Decade...

    Only two cups huh? Nice....
  2. Jimmy Devellano Interview - 7-31

    The only argument I'd make to this...there's a reason why these guys have bounced from team to team to team.
  3. Olczyk - biased analyst

    What's funny is - I expected it during the Hawks series. I would argue that during that series he was very Wings-biased....Although you could also say too, the hawks gave him little to compliment them on. I do agree tonight, everyone during the broadcast other than Doc seemed to be very reluctant to give Detroit any props on the win. Especially Eddie. What I couldn't get over was how Eddie kept saying Hossa committed a penalty with breaking that Pens stick on the Filpula goal. I watched that a few times it looked like the pens player swung his stick around and hit Hossa's stick and it broke on contact. I couldn't see what he was talking about.
  4. Wings/Sharks Netting Goals

    yeah I thought that was pretty weak that there could be any complaint by the sharks side that the play was active off the net the other net. They kept possesion of the puck for several secs after the play, even made 1-2 passes with it if I remember correctly. If anyone had reason to call for the whistle it was us. Hank just robbed them is all.
  5. For you Aaron Downey fans

    And like nobody is talking back to him...
  6. The Wings are winning ...

    One thing I've noticed is this year it feels like the wings can fight back to get the win. There was alot of our losses last year that I didn't feel we were doing that. Granted this season we have put ourselves in that position many more times, but I'm actually impressed with the teams ability this year to push back...
  7. some sick red wings logos!

    not my cup of tea... that first one looks like a play off the Ducks "D" logo. ewww...
  8. Stanley Cup Champions Gear

    If anyone gets a line on some big and tall sizes of shirts, send me a PM. I'm a 3X Tall and never can find shirts. Would love to get one.
  9. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    Nice Goal Fluerry! ;-) Nice to see a little Karma for last game with Kronwall's goal for Pitts. Feels good to have it happen to both of us. I'll take this one anyday...
  10. Something Positive....HELM

    I'm about as heartbroken, stunned and deflated as anyone here...but to maybe focus on something positive - I thought HELM was a monster tonight. I am so impressed with this guy. I wish everyone on the team tonight played as explosive as he did.
  11. Osgood/Turco exchange

    Yeah, I caught that immediately too. It sure didn't look friendly on Turco's part. Wish there was audio of that...
  12. Kid mimics Kiprusoff at Calgary

    That whole bit reminded me of those rusty wallace commercials with the little kid that's supposed to be his nephew or something. He's got the toothpick in his mouth....almost seemed like a spoof.
  13. Timeouts? Why aren't they used in Hockey?

    I think I agree with that to a certain point, but I watched the game and go - we weren't playing great, the nashville crowd was just electric when nashville created *anything*, there was a momentum shift at certain points - why not use it? It's the 3rd period, you can loose grasp of the game...burn the timeout. As a side note I didn't realize they only got one. But still....
  14. So one of the most frustrating things to me watching is how little coaches use timeouts in hockey. Bab's got heavily praised for doign this last game to settle things down. I'm just always confused as to why this is not used more often? It's such a strategic move in basketball and the tempo can be very similar, I;m always thinking..man we should take a timeout. Settle the game, bring everyone in and get their heads back into. Instead, it always looks like we just roll with the momentum and hope the pace changes in our favor. Give you a great example - last night calgary vs san jose. 3 goals in the first 3 minutes. I totally would have called a timeout to settle things down. Turns out the didn't need to but still...surprise it wasn't used. Tonight, why not call a timeout after the tie-goal? Make sure everyone is refocused and get Dom to shake off his nerves? How many timeouts do you get? Is that the issue? Are they holding them in their back pocket for some unforseen emergency? I just don't get it. Anyone else feel this way???
  15. the state of the locker room

    I personally took Milbury's comments as the *opposing* teams locker room. They were discussing the fact that Hasek has struggled as of recent and Ozzie has been more solid through the year (Pierre's comments, not mine) and Pierre asked Mike - who do you go with? Mike's comment was that you still go with Hasek becuase he has that ability to wreck havok/cause trouble in the locker room. I took that as - he is such a crazy ass goalie, the opposing team can have lots of trouble with him.... And actually Milbury was pretty tame on the whole thing, he just said - if it doesn't work out then you got a great guy like ozzie to step up. Pierre really seemed to be pushing for some controversy, becuase he then said - "ah-ha so you think that Hasek will fail?" And Milbury was like - uhh, no. Just if any hiccups occur, they have solid goaltender in Ozzie to take over. But the locker room comment, I totally took as the opposing team...not ours. To me he meant Hasek can be the x-factor in a series if he's on...and destroy the moral and hopes of the opposing locker room.