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  1. Forsberg to be playing soon and McGrattan may be on the move

    "If it doesn't work this time, there will be no more" (Fungerar det inte nu, blir det inget mer) -> http://allehanda.se/avdelning/sport/14200 (in Swedish)
  2. Forsberg to be playing soon and McGrattan may be on the move

    That would be much more true if he hadn't already won the Cup twice. He's also won Olympic gold twice. And the World Championships. And TV-pucken :-) Everything! ...except the Swedish Championship! Oh yeah, he hasn't won the European Championship either, but just as a coincidence, MODO (being the present Swedish champions) *happen* to compete for that cup this upcoming January. But no, he hasn't stated that he wants to play in MODO but then again, he hasn't stated that he wants to play in the NHL either. What he has said is that he wants to check his body and test the correct equipment to see if everything works. If it doesn't, he will retire. This, he says, is the last test. So, to end up in MODO "at some point" isn't a matter of years any longer but rather months. However, I have to admit that the development this past 24 hours (with Peter announcing a comeback with the Swedish National team, news that occured AFTER my first posting in this thread), doesn't seem to speak in favour of MODO. Forsberg wants to play some games to see if everything works, but if he plays with a club, he has to stay there for the rest of this season. So, he chooses the national team and not "a club" (i.e. MODO). If he really wants to play with MODO this year, this shouldn't be an issue. But then again, maybe playing in Karjala Cup against the best available Europeans (Russians, Czechs and Finns) at the moment will give him the answer about where he stands; will he be able to play in the NHL or will it rather be MODO? Or will he retire?
  3. Forsberg to be playing soon and McGrattan may be on the move

    It's not just the media... Let me guess...Zetterberg territory, right? True. That's why it doesn't make sense. And he doesn't need the money either and he can't win the Swedish Championship in the NHL, so...
  4. Forsberg to be playing soon and McGrattan may be on the move

    The latest news on Peter Forsberg is that he will play with the Swedish National Team in the upcoming Karjala Cup (Euro Hockey Tour part 1) in Finland in early November. As I wrote earlier, he hasn't played any regular games this fall but this move is certainly a big step for him to get back. I guess we'll know where he will play after this tournament in Finland.
  5. Wings/Griffins extened

    Regarding Red Wings affiliates, please check my site on the most exciting affiliate ever - the London Lions! http://www.angelfire.com/space/u_line/london.htm
  6. Forsberg to be playing soon and McGrattan may be on the move

    I'm based in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden (home of Modo), and the rumours over here is that Forsberg will either play with Modo (maybe joining in December) or retire. He's won everything except a Swedish championship and the only possible club for him in order to achieve that, is Modo. Everybody knows about his injuries over the years and it really makes no sense for him to go back to the NHL again, and certainly not to sign a 3-year contract (which I understand was said in some of the rumours). Regarding that original article in the Edmonton Sun, it says that Forsberg "continues to skate with MoDo of the Swedish Elite League". I'm not sure what "skate" refers to here, but so far this season he's done nothing else than practice with them, i.e. he hasn't played any games in the Swedish Elite League. He's present as a spectator at most games, though.