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  2. 1/21: Red Wings 4 at Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

    At work... is this being streamed anywhere?
  3. Zach Bogosian signs with Jets

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere yet. http://www.foxsportsdetroit.com/01/16/13/Video-blog-Bogosian-in-Wings-future/landing_redwings.html?blockID=850307&feedID=3569
  4. Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    All reports say he wants to play for a contender and Detroit isn't one with their current defense.
  5. Nash to Detroit?

    If the rumor is true then it may be a move to pressure Parise but I doubt that would work anyway. It might just be a sign that Kenny isn't willing to handcuff the team to two players for twelve years; which I agree with. I'm more concerned about Suter and having something left to trade if they can't sign him.
  6. Nash to Detroit?

    Wings Putting Together MEGA Nash Deal..Parise close? As I rpeorted a few days ago, the Wings were going to get in on Nash big time and now I am hearing they have. However, I was also told they wouldn't go to Nash unless Parise was off the market...Is Parise off the market? http://www.hockeybuzz.com/boards/thread.php?thread_id=99506&forum_id=73
  7. Caps trying to trade Semin?

    I agree. Wouldn't want to give up too much but clearing Hudler's cap hit and adding Semin's would still leave us a few million for Emery, Turco or Conklin and the picks are always so low it's not a big deal. Hopefully they don't want Kindl though.
  8. Huselius Out 4-6 Months

    I guess I'll take Drury off the wish list.
  9. Holland saving $ to make a push for Weber?

    Thanks. I don't understand why they won't spend any more this summer on a few one-year deals or trading for an expiring contract unless they really believe they can get him at the deadline. If they don't get him it was a waste of cap space and if they do they'll have to give up a lot for a guy who's a rental player until you actually re-sign him. I hope Weber is here but since we have a decent defense now, I would focus on a couple top six forwards and make a play for Weber in free agency.
  10. Holland saving $ to make a push for Weber?

    I refuse to pay for unreliable "inside" information, was there any reason this was speculated like a source or did somebody just think its somebody he might be doing?
  11. Caps trying to trade Semin?

    First Holland trades Hudler and Kindl for Semin. Next sends Stuart, Cleary and Mursak to Nashville for Weber. Then signs Drury and Emery.
  12. Backup Goalie?

    Nabakov or Emery.....if it's not Conklin. God save us if it's Ozzie.
  13. Why not Jamie Langenbrunner?

    No offense to Holmstrom but I don't think he needs to be on the ice with Datsyuk or Zetterberg unless it's on the PP. I'm not saying Kenny needs to go out and get AO or Nash, just somebody who can skate and shoot the puck. And with Cleary, I'd prefer him on the third line with Filppula and Holmstrom if we get two more forwards; we could have three legit scoring lines that way.
  14. Why not Jamie Langenbrunner?

    I don't see why it would be such a big risk if it was for $1.5 million. I would rather have Zherdev and Drury both but wouldn't be upset at all if they brought him in. Sometimes you have to take a risk. I know people like cap space but who do you realistically think they would trade for? I just feel like there aren't any guarantees at the deadline and would rather have guys with something to prove aside from simply playing for next years contract.
  15. Drew Doughty

    Our D is pretty locked up so I'd rather go after Stamkos. Maybe Stevie will give him to us at a friends discount for say Hudler, a back rub and Griffins season tickets (upper bowl).