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    hockey, association football, cycling, photography, writing, chillin with the crew in da hood, playing any fighter simulation games<br /><br />Teams: Timrå IK, Detroit Red Wings, USA Hockey, Tottenham Hotspur, PZPN

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  1. The pride of Latvia
  2. Coach: Scotty Line 1: Lindsay - Yzerman - Howe Line 2: Shanny - Dellvechio - Ogrodnick Line 3: Zetterberg - Fedorov - Probert Line 4: Bucyk - Dionne - Aurie Reserves: Draper; McCarty; Abel D Line 1: Lidstrom - Kelly D Line 2: Murphy - Konstantinov D Line 3: Hollet - Coffey Reserves: Fetisov; Chelios Goalie: Sawchuck Backup: Lumley Reserves: Vernon, Crozier
  3. Most of it is due to the state of the economy; Detroit is absolutely awful. People here just can't afford it anymore. Detroit also has one of the most competetive sports markets in the world; none of the four major teams are really bad (the Lions are still under scrutiny) and basketball is probably bigger anyway; Hopefully Zetterberg and our team's play will attract some more fans. Until then, we've got to wate for the storm to pass
  4. There's no way we could afford Hossa and tbfh, do we really need him? We have the best team in the NHL right now, don't ruin it
  5. I support Spurs in england. Apparently our new manager doesn't actually speak English