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  1. AWE-SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am afraid that I also feel that the Joe will be lit up one more time this season. A VERY BAD loss for our boys last night. Now we've got Petr Sykora "calling his shots" like the Eastern European equivalent of Babe Ruth. Man I hope I'm dead wrong.
  3. "Igor Larionov for the game winner in the third OT" -Them Wuz Da Days
  4. Three numbers for ya: 0-9-2
  5. Damn You're Lucky, Give Bettman Some Hell
  6. Turco Can't Win At The The Joe...............Wings In A Blowout
  7. 4-2 Wings including an empty net to finish it.
  8. If we don't get to the Cup Finals my opinion is both Holland and Babcock should be sent packing.
  9. Approaching Milestones Dallas Drake 1 assist from 300 This might happen before the end of the season. Are Maltby & Drake still on this team?
  10. Yeah, the infamous MeltDown In Montreal!!!! Was that in January, '96 on a Saturday night? Something like 9-1 Wings? .......The good old days
  11. Downey sends Pronger to his own funeral.