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  1. mwagner468

    Are Russian players "really" lazy

    I wasn't saying I agreed with the sterotype. I just wanted to bring it up for discussion. Bored on a Thursday. But yeah, Semin was on my mind when I started my post.
  2. mwagner468

    Are Russian players "really" lazy

    So I preface this with saying I am a competitive dancer.(yes I am straight) In the dance world the Russian dancers are the most disciplined, hardest working dancers. I always that that was kind of the culture in Russia. Yet in Hockey the Russian players are always branded as soft most often floating type of players (excluding Datsuyk of course) Do you feel Russian players just dont care about the Stanley cup playoffs, or do you believe this just to be a fallacy all together?
  3. mwagner468

    Do we really need Suter?

    Ok I agree with a lot of you. I might have been a tad unrealistic to what it comes to aquiring Nash. My point was- I have thought since 09 when we lost Hossa sammy and Hudler we never have regained the scoring we lost. I just dont think we need a top tier defenceman(unless lids retires). Give me Iginla or Nash+Doan+Parise and ship out Franzen and Cleary and this has become a much tougher team to play against with snipers. Do you not think we get through the first round with this team?
  4. mwagner468

    Do we really need Suter?

    Ok Here are my If's. Lids signs for 3.5. We sign Parise for 6.0. We sign Doan for 4.5. Finally we trade Franzen and cleary and a first to Colombus for Nash. which is 7.8 in, with 6.4 going out. Obiviously we dont sign Hudler or Stuart. Maybe pick up one tough guy(fighter) early and a depth defenceman at the trade deadline. My question is could you live with Lids, kronwall, Erickson, Quincy, White, Smith? Kindl and Janik being the seventh and eighth until the Deadline? Would the team be tough enough? I just don't see defence being what the problem was.
  5. mwagner468

    2/19 GDT : Sharks 2 at Red Wings 3

    Draper Scores!!!!
  6. mwagner468

    The only teams that can win the cup

    What I originally was saying is much like the NCAA tourney in college basketball, a team can upset the big dogs in the first couple of rounds. However, very rarely if ever does that team win it all. I stand by my earlier post. I think there are only five teams that can win it all. If I am wrong I will eat my words.
  7. mwagner468

    The only teams that can win the cup

    Ok, I think there are only five teams that can win four rounds. Detroit, San Jose, and Vancouver in the west, and Boston, and the Rags in the East. I am not saying someone else can't upset one of these teams. However, in my opinion only these 5 teams can win the cup. What say you?
  8. mwagner468


    Let me explain my reason for saying we were cheated in 09. I am not just a slappy that can't admit when another team is better. I am too lazy to go back and tell you what games this happened so I will just point out the facts. Malkin gets an instigator penalty in the last 5 minutes of game 2? Should have been by the rules automatic one game suspension. Was it? Hell no!!!! At least the NBA holds to its rules of If you leave the bench during a fight automatic suspension. It seems as if Bettman's rules only apply if it will help the team he wants to win. Pittsburg with an extra man on the ice for a full minute. ( I forgot which game this was) was it called no!!!! Finally if you remember Detroit wrapped up their wcf series early and the Stanley cup finals were slated to start a week later per the Nhl schedule. However, Bettman knowing the Wings were banged up, started the series a WEEK before they were slated to start. What happened eventually? yes the Wings ran out of gas. I really fkn hate Bettman.
  9. mwagner468


    We were cheated out of 09 so I don't count that as a loss.
  10. mwagner468


    Which Nhl team would you most want the Redwings to get revenge on for a earlier series defeat? I would love for the Wings to sweep the devils in the finals for payback from 1995.
  11. mwagner468

    Our Power play

    So what are your feelings on why our power play is so bad? Too many set-up guys and not enough snipers? Relying too much on the deflection in front of the net? Speaking of the latter what is the deal with our skaters alone going down the middle and passing it off to a wing on the side creating a much worse shooting angle. This happens so much I am beginning to think this is a philosophy of the coaches.
  12. mwagner468

    How open would you be to trading Hank?

    Just to be clear, I am not saying hmmm Hank is having a average year to his usual season. trade him. What I am saying is if he has a injury that is going to get worse with time, ala Bertuzzi is not the same player he was before His back injury, then you have to consider it. Right now we have one true sniper. (Franzen) Fill and Dats could be considered but they are still more playmakers than snipers. During the playoffs teams can shut down one sniper and then take their chances with everyopne else. I love Hank, but I also love when the wings win Stanley cups.
  13. mwagner468

    How open would you be to trading Hank?

    You know my brother and I have been watching him play all year, and there is something seriously wrong with him. I get scoring droughts and all, but he is making bad passes, getting knocked off the puck easy and not scoring as well. I know he is still playing great d against the other top forwards, but we need snipers in a bad way. If this is a result of his ongoing back problems you have to consider trading him. Just my opinion.
  14. mwagner468

    Ok here is what I don't get

    Ok, In 1994 the Devils lose a tough 7 game series to the Rags and the next year they crush us in the finals. I get that, natural progression. Same thing happens with Detroit in 1997 after losing a tough 6 game series in 96 with the av's. My point is if you at the eventual champion a lot of times you can make sense of it. Usually a team does not come out of nowhere to win the cup. This year we lose to the Sharks, who in turn lose pretty handily to Vancouver. Then, (I know it was a 7 game series)Vancouver gets crushed by Boston in the finals. Ok, Detroit pounds Boston and Tampa bay in the regular season. Now I know that the regular season has shown to not mean everything, but damn seriously? Detroit didn't just win a couple of lucky games against Boston and Tampa. We dominated them in every facet of the game. It makes no sense. Boston was really better than the team that beat the team that beat Detroit? I for one am not buying it. So what does that leave us with? I just wanted to hear other people's opinion on this.
  15. mwagner468

    Chris Osgood announces retirement

    I don't know how it will play out, but I want Ozzie to have one more go at it. Call it a soft spot in my heart.