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  1. there has to be more than just one Red Wings fan in the DC area....
  2. Topic says all. Red Wings transplant from Flint, MI. Any get togethers for tonight's game? I'm going to watch "Black Hawk Down" prior to the game.
  3. how can i get the game on yahoo? comcast said they're having a problem and they sent out a message to Center Ice. so, if anyone on montgomery county happen to see the game elsewhere, let me know. Thanks! B
  4. Eh folks, help me out here. I'm in MD, just outside of DC, and i have comast's service along with the center ice package. all of the other games are on, except for this game. am i looking in the wrong place for this game? Hellllp! Thanks! B
  5. this is pathetic BS. I'm pissed. All day i was looking forward to this game, and look what happens. Bettman, you suck monkey ass. Center Ice, you suck too. I want my money back. a seriously f*cking pissed off Wings fan in DC. Strike one. miss another game, and i'm raising hell. Comcast sucks too. GRRRRRRRRRR