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  1. Maltby's season over? Called it, top of page 2, BAM!
  2. Pre-Olympic Trade Deadline Talk I believe I called this one on page 2 of this very thread.
  3. Pre-Olympic Trade Deadline Talk

    Try this one; Maltby goes on IR after having shoulder surgery
  4. Leino to Flyers for Tollefsen and a 5th Rounder

    I know, right? The Wings record with drafting those damn Euro's sure does stink! Look at these bums; Lidstrom, Fedorov, Konstantinov, Kozlov, Holmstrom, Fischer, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hudler, Filppula..................and on and on and on You're probably best off admitting the FACT that the Wings would NEVER have dominated the NHL over the past 15 years if it weren't for their pioneering and development of the Europena draft.
  5. Leino to Flyers for Tollefsen and a 5th Rounder

    I did forget about Janik
  6. Leino to Flyers for Tollefsen and a 5th Rounder

    Pretty smart depth move. Trade Leino, which I'm indifferent about, so we can pick up cap space = Good Pick up a 5th round pick, which, in the Wings hands = Good And pick up a depth d-man, that, even though, he is headed to GR = Good This allows the Wings to move either Lebda or Meech w/o being solely dependent on Lilja making a successful comeback. Think about it, if Lebda or Meech were moved in favor of Lilja and then for whatever reason Lilja has a setback or doesn't pick his game up where he left off, we'd be stuck with Kindl as the next guy down the chart. Now, Tollefsen takes that extra depth spot as a proven (albeit, not great) NHL d-man. P.S. - I do like Kindl and look forward to him being on the squad next season, but for a playoff run this year, I'd rather have an extra experienced NHL D-man around.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks that Williams should have to work his ass off to move up the depth chart past guys like Eaves, Miller or Helm? Like, maybe, he should show that he can, actually, venture into the corners or the hard areas of the ice to retreive the puck, take a hit to make a play, not shoot the puck into the opposing teams shins while on the PP? I'm sorry, except for PP duties, there is not one guy in the Wings current line-up that I would remove in favor of Williams. And I am, absolutely, against him being handed his previous position just for coming back, while guys like Miller, Helm and Eaves have busted their ass and EARNED that slot.
  8. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    Seems appropriate
  9. Injury updates...

    It's going to be great to get Flip, Franzen and Kronwall back, but honestly, there is not one player in the current line-up tha I would replace with Jason Williams. The longer he's out the better this team is.
  10. If only ONE trade is made this year

    Jason Williams for a fresh set of water bottles
  11. [GDT] 9/30 - Red Wings, 6 @ Farjestad BK, 2

    Are there any players on Farjestad that have been drafted by an NHL team?
  12. [GDT] 9/30 - Red Wings, 6 @ Farjestad BK, 2

    Maltby's definitely been out there
  13. [GDT] 9/30 - Red Wings, 6 @ Farjestad BK, 2

    Corretc me if I'm wrong but from my count the Wings have Franzen - Datsyuk - Holstrom Bert - Z - Cleary Lieno - Flip - Williams Maltby - Draper - Abs - Eaves Lidstrom - Rafalski Kronwall - Stuart Ericsson - Meech How are they dressing 6 D and 13 Forwards? Special rule for this exhibition game?
  14. Holland on Lines

    I really do not like Cleary on the top line with Z and Datsyuk, he doesn't think the game or move the puck fast enough to make the best of their abilities. Homer worked so well with those two because he realized the faster he dug the puck out of the corner and got it to one of them the better off he was. I got so frustrated during the playoffs watching Cleary dig for the puck in the corner and then just grind it out along the wall while D and Z skated aorund in circles. I also don't want to see Cleary carrying the puck through the neutral zone. He needs to get the puck and make quick passes and realize the least amount of time he's got the puck and the more time he's banging and creating space and going to the front of the net the better off his whole line will be.