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  1. it's not so great considering it's my twitter handle as well, and some people don't seem to understand the difference between #weaksauce and @weaksauce.

  2. finally somebody with a better name than mine...

  3. I have it here on Time Warner.
  4. kills me that the only wing not credited with a hit in the game was Huds. And the one collision he's involved in cost the team Cleary.
  5. going back to my first round vancouver/chicago series strategy of cheering for random catastrophic meteor.
  6. plenty of time left.
  7. i think i'm going to barf
  8. Glorious.
  9. I didn't realize this was a best of 5 round.
  10. From what I saw, it looked as though it deflected up off stuart's stick, then was popped down on kronwall's blade, which gives it that odd bounce down before 5 holing Howard.
  11. classic
  12. I just have a hard time calling what I saw in Game 2, "hockey"
  13. Thank God for context.
  14. If Bettman thinks I'm going to watch a team flop their way to hoisting a Cup, he is sadly mistaken.
  15. It's a trade-off, either you'll get something that jumps onto an edge and rolls, or picks up a rolling spin and jumps over your stickblade. I've never liked playing with a hockey ball, just too easy to get under it and launch it vertically. Been playing roller off and on since college and so far the best street puck I've come across is that ProPuck. Something about how those sliders that close to the edge seem to minimize the plasticky rubber vinyl polyurethane whatever catching on a bump and wheeling under a nearby car.