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  1. it's not so great considering it's my twitter handle as well, and some people don't seem to understand the difference between #weaksauce and @weaksauce.

  2. finally somebody with a better name than mine...

  3. I have it here on Time Warner.
  4. kills me that the only wing not credited with a hit in the game was Huds. And the one collision he's involved in cost the team Cleary.
  5. going back to my first round vancouver/chicago series strategy of cheering for random catastrophic meteor.
  6. plenty of time left.
  7. i think i'm going to barf
  8. Glorious.
  9. I didn't realize this was a best of 5 round.
  10. From what I saw, it looked as though it deflected up off stuart's stick, then was popped down on kronwall's blade, which gives it that odd bounce down before 5 holing Howard.
  11. classic
  12. I just have a hard time calling what I saw in Game 2, "hockey"
  13. Thank God for context.
  14. If Bettman thinks I'm going to watch a team flop their way to hoisting a Cup, he is sadly mistaken.