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  1. zztop40

  2. GDT

    I just tune in and Rangers score..yikes
  3. Ok..ok I feel better now...hell yes!
  4. Damn it....not sure I can watch last 3 minutes
  5. gdt

    Way to go Gus........Yes!
  6. gdt

    well that lead didn't last long..lets go wings
  7. Ah "Fudge" ....this is crap
  8. Oh darn it DK...let's kill this - making me nervous, Tampa getting some close shot's
  9. Johnny Kane for FSD will be bar hopping tonight to interview RW fans...pretty cool!
  10. Petr with a shut-out...ha ha
  11. Tampa what a bunch of goons ....
  12. They pulled Bishop already....hold on Wings and stay strong
  13. I hope Abby is ok..yikes
  14. Yeah...Miller. (He deserves that one...works his butt off)