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  1. Getting it on the Philly station "610WIP"
  2. Let's get this done tonight! Go Wings!!!!!!!!
  3. I love Ozzie, But I think this year Manny is better....
  4. What are you crazy!!!!
  5. He'll only be back to fill a spot for a minute or two, If they wanted him they would have kept him along time ago. For now he's back with the Muskegon Fury (UHL) and we are happy to have him playing with us, when the Griff's do call him up all he does is sit the bench!!!!
  6. Angel has played pretty much all season with the Muskegon Fury (UHL). He can hold his own when it comes to fighting, It just seems that he never fights at home! He is pretty mobile for as big as he is, But I would not exactly call him the fastest. We'll see how long GR keeps him before sending him back to Muskegon.