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  1. He really is that bad.....

    I was thinking we could have used Downey last night. The Hawks, especially in front of their net were taking one too many liberties with our forwards. someone like Downey would have ended that. And yet the Wings still nearly pulled out at least a tie.
  2. Game day experince

    What a great experience and story!!! Being from Buffalo I can say with honesty a good number of Buffalo fans are completely rude and thoughtless; have even seen them direct negative comments towards families with kids. And Buffalo wonders why it doesn't win championships. Before you can win one you need to act like you already are a winner and that includes fans as well. Just this summer the news paper here was calling buffalo the new Hockeytown. Well let me tell you Wing fans, I have and had your back. I told everyone that before even thinking that win at least one 'Cup then another 9 and then maybe.....NOT. So now as the sabres are in the cellar in their division I remind everyone that you don't proclaim a title when the King is still alive. Hockeytown is alive and well and will go all the way this season. RedWings 2007-08 Stanley Cup Champions. Remember where you read it.
  3. Dom Bashers Welcome!

    I read nearly every post on this thead and I didn't see anyone mention what I noticed the last few losses with Dom. He has been giving up the 5-hole with quite regularity. I'm wondering if there still isn't a problem with his hip and Dom being a competitive warrior wanted to get back in net and not let Osgood build overwhelming public and private support with his stellar play. Watching the game last night I noticed that the short handed goals were all scored 5-hole with Dom never laying out on his side while kicking his top leg up along with his top arm. I have watched nearly all his NHL games played since he came to Buffalo in 1992 and I have never seen him stand up 3 times in the same game against breakaways/shorthanded rushes. I had the fortune of talking to him for a few hours during his daughters pre-K graduation in Buffalo in 2000 and let me tell you this guy not only is a fearless, fierce, warrior, he is highly educated and pretty articulate for not having english as his first language. The Dominator will be back to form and it will be before the Christmas season. We have nothing to worry about. I'm glad we aren't the Sabres or Penguins!!
  4. Hockeytown Theme Song

    Thank you!! I appreciate it. This is first chance to get back to this website since middle of the week. Went back to college in the spring and have tons of exams and projects. Go Wings!!!!!
  5. Datsyuk sagging at Zetterberg's expense

    Great observation WingNut. As I was watching listening to Mickey I thought Dats would say that. He is an unselfish player who, as Ken and Mick call him, acts like Houdini on skates
  6. Hockeytown Theme Song

    I am wondering if any member here knows where I can locate the lyrics for Hey! Hey! Hockeytown. My nine year old daughter started singing the chorus in front of my mom, a lifelong Sabres fan--too bad about that,LOL, and grandma was none too happy. I have tried doing searches on search engines but have found nothing. Can anyone help?
  7. 11/13 GDT: Blues 3, Red Wings 2

    U r sooo wrong. As Babs said after the game the team had been playing so well that a loss can be a good thing to keep you on track. They will come out and net 5 tonight while allowing only 1 and that will be a flukie one at that. Go Winged Wheel!!!