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  1. MannyMaltby3418


    J-MAC is sticking around!
  2. MannyMaltby3418


    Joey Mac making goalscorers, slump slump! J-mac will make ya, slump slump! Mighty Mac'll make ya, slump slump, uh huh uh huh.
  3. MannyMaltby3418


    That's a solid idea. Let Jimmy get back to speed on the road and keep the streak alive with Mighty Mac. If Jimmy starts Tuesday, hopefully Thursday will be......
  4. MannyMaltby3418

    Miller Time Appreciated Thread

    The Helm, Miller, Abbs line was great today! Our scoring depth is unreal.
  5. MannyMaltby3418


    I think Howard is probably close to having the finger healed, but he might be rusty after sitting. Joey really MACimizes our chances to win and to continue the home streak.
  6. MannyMaltby3418


    I don't see how you can take Joey Mac out of the net until he loses. I like Jimmy, but as Mickey would say, MAC is "hotter than a firecracker" right now. Lets ride J-MAC until he loses a game!
  7. MannyMaltby3418

    Wings re-sign MacDonald to 2 year contract

    Love this signing. Hope he can back up Jimmy again and push him for the #1 spot like he did last year.
  8. MannyMaltby3418

    In Defense of Joey Mac

    J-MAC has been awesome this year. I'd like to see him start at least half of the remaining games. If he continues to look better than Howard, I hope he starts for us in the playoffs. Howard is too inconsistent as of late and Joey has looked very solid.
  9. MannyMaltby3418

    fallen cup

    I wonder if Lebda has already had a few too many drinks today...
  10. MannyMaltby3418

    Pavel Datsyuk

    Datsyuk's contract is looking like a damn good deal now Pavel has definitely become my favorite player on the Wings. I've liked him since his very first days on the two kids and a goat line in 02. You could tell he was going to be a great offensive player back then, but I had no idea how much he would improve his defensive and physical game. He is the total package now, one of the top 5 players in the NHL(in my opinion), and it's crazy how humble he is for being such an awesome player.
  11. MannyMaltby3418

    Brad Stuart needs to stay!

    Hopefully, Stuart will take a little less money to stay with us, on a good team, where he fits in well. He and Kronner make a great pairing .
  12. MannyMaltby3418


    Great Job Datsyukian Deke
  13. MannyMaltby3418

    Thank you, Matt

    Great site for a great team!
  14. MannyMaltby3418

    Lockeroom humor

    That works! Thanks
  15. MannyMaltby3418

    Lockeroom humor

    Not here in Grand Rapids. I've got Jay Leno on NBC right now.