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  1. Too bad Vancouver won. Now I have to listen to the "Only Canadian team left in the playffs" bandwagoners for at least another round.
  2. Man that Game 7 goal still gives me chills. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!
  3. Same here. Jimmy has been rock solid, and I have no doubts he will continue to be tomorrow night.
  4. Go Wings!! You can DOOOOO this!!!! Why in the hell is Franzen playing again on his injured ankle? He looked horrid last game. Put Modano in there!! Was'nt he brought in for the playoffs?? Has'nt seen ice yet this postseason(i think anyways). LET THE MAN PLAY!!
  5. lgw

    Hmmm. Guess what I had heard about his performances in the other 3 games was bull. Hopefully he turns out well for the Wings in the future, especially with how shaky things are in goal at this point.
  6. lgw

    Saw him play a game here(Sudbury) during the first round of the OHL playoffs in which the Wolves swept him and the 67's. Can't say he looked all that great that game, and heard he was nothing spectacular all series. Did'nt know he was a highly touted prospect in the Wings system. lol Guy musta been off his game a tad eh?
  7. Just love the look of that mask.
  8. Don't think hes overpaid IMO. I'd rather have him over Howard(currently anyways). Only $600,000 difference in their contracts. Andersons term is a bit much though i'll agree.
  9. Glad to see hes on his way back. Bout time. Also good that hes kept his conditioning up, and did'nt just sit around for a few months.
  10. Looks awesome!!
  11. hahahahaa
  12. Retired after the cup win in '02, was retired all through '03(the reason we signed Cujo), and came back in '04, causing a big ruckus, but only played like 14 games, then was out for the season with an injury. Signed with the Sens in '05.
  13. Sucks we did'nt get Nabby. That waiver rule really needs to be changed. Oh well, we had him signed, and now, majically, hes an Islander. Knew he would get clamed..but NYI?? f***kkk. I don't blame Nabby for not reporting. So where to go from here? Is Kenny still looking to pick up a goalie, or did he just try to pull this off because it was a cheap deal? Next week or so could be interesting.
  14. Oz was offered $4 million a season and did'nt take it??? Man, the Isles organization must really be s*** to play for. hahahaa