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  1. I feel like Hronek, Saarijarvi, and possibly Cholowski could each vie for a top 2 spot... I'd be surprised if they all don't at least pan out to be top 4 d-men. I'm especially excited about Hronek.
  2. Ott was/is solid. My only questions is, in your scenario, would he really come back here? I think he's getting consistent playing time in Montreal, so why would he come back here to be an extra forward and play 40 games?
  3. I'm pretty sure this report is bogus.... Eichel has come out and said that he didn't handle the end of season press very well (because of how the season ended), but that he is very pissed about how people make stuff up and try to double down by trying to justify it when it just isn't true. I think we can put this one to bed.
  4. What's wrong with Liljegren? We need to improve the defense, and he seems to be the best defensive prospect available in a draft that we should hopefully have a top 5 pick in. I mean, I'm cool with we get one of the better forwards, too, but Liljegren seems to have a strong game.
  5. Agreed, Blashill and his staff have to go. You can only rag on the players for so long until you HAVE to turn your eyes on the coaching staff. This is not a terrible team, on paper. I'm not saying they should be in the playoffs but losing to the lowly Avalanche and only generating a single goal?!? That's some serious sadness right there. There's little to no heart on this team, Hank can only do so much. Serious changes need to come down the pipe and it has to start with the coaching staff getting replaced. I just pray we can land Hitchcock (if he's planning on sticking around for a few seasons at least) or Gallant. I'm sure there are others, but those are my top two candidates to come in in the offseason.
  6. This guy seems like more of a career AHLer.... Not at all impressed with this move, considering we got a better return for Smith.
  7. I don't see that happening. Honestly, I'm worried that, like Aaron Ward tweeted, that we are going to end up signing Smith to a 3 year 3.75 per contract. That'll piss a lot of people off, since he hadn't earned that. Just like E and DK. Over-inflated D salaries abound! Just to clarify, Ward tweeted "if" we re-sign him, those figures are likely. Remember, Landeskog is signed through 20/21 at 5.75 per and Duchene through 18/19 at 6 per. They are more likely to be traded in the offseason, not as rentals.
  8. Sheahan, as a defensive specialist under Blashill, is a -19 this season. Not great. And I understand he could bounce back, he's young, but he's not physical at all and that bothers me, personally.
  9. On Hockey Night in Canada's "Saturday Headlines," Nick Kypreos stated that the Toronto Maple Leafs are interested in Riley Sheahan of all people, and Elliotte Friedman stated that the Red Wings want to re-sign Brendan Smith, but Adam Oates pointed out that Mike Babcock knows Smith and the Leafs may be interested. It would be very, very weird if the Red Wings made one deal with the Leafs, never mind two, but I could certainly see Sheahan fitting in with Babcock's youth movement... I don't mind if they give Sheahan another season and see if he bounces back, but he's been absolutely horrendous this season. He's a defensive specialist and he has the worst +/- on the team and isn't putting up any points really. If they can get a first for him, do it. I'd rather they bring up Bertuzzi anyway.
  10. My prediction is that, even if he gets top 6 time, he'll fizzle out and land in the KHL eventually. Athansiou had crap minutes for the longest time and still found the back of the net. If a guy has so much skill as Jurco does, he should be able to convert it. This is just my opinion. We got a good return, considering Eaves went to Anaheim for a conditional 2nd round pick.
  11. The issue with Hanzal is that, while he is big, he's more of a playmaker. He's never cracked 20 goals in a season. He's also never cracked 41 points, either. We have too many players that fit this bill. He's also a center, and I don't think he's a top 6 forward, but more of a third line center. That would be great if we didn't have Helm already signed. If we could somehow get rid of Helm and sign Hanzal, I'd be all for it. I also don't know that this is the type of trade/signing that would make sense for a team that is going to be rebuilding. He's 29 right now and hasn't played a full season (81 games) since the 09/10 season. It's a hard pass, in my opinion. You don't want to spend assets, at least not the type of assets we'd have to give up to get him.
  12. Mantha is far more valuable than Fowler... this team has trouble scoring, and Mantha should only get better.
  13. I just hope, since Nyquist more than likely will get 6 games or so, that we bring up Bertuzzi or Lorito. Get some of those guys some time. I hope that we sell as much as possible, too, for the same reason. Look up Duncan Keith's high stick suspension and you'll get where I got the 6 games from. Very similar, unless Nyquist has a really good justification for how he accidentally looked a guy in the face and swung his stick right at it.
  14. This. This is exactly how I've felt since the end of last season about the coaching. They replaced the assistants, but that doesn't mean much when the main guy just isn't the right fit in this league. With the coaches that are available now, you'd be crazy to pass up on the opportunity, especially going into a new building and a rebuild. I just don't have any confidence in Holland to have the balls to replace the coach or do what is necessary to start the rebuild.
  15. Came here to read about Mrazek and all of page 4 has, literally, nothing to do with Mrazek.