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  1. Watch out boys and girls, Vermette is being bought out by Arizona. http://www.tsn.ca/source-coyotes-place-vermette-on-buyout-waivers-1.536354
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    A common opinion that literally know shares with you in here so far and I guarantee the majority of hockey fans do not share either. Do you need a schooling on what "common" means?
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    But...but...but... I thought only the "all-stars" were responsible for winning? I sense that shocky will never truly understand just how wrong he is on this subject.
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    Yeah, you can GTFO for this comment alone. Blasphemy. Oh, and Darren McCarty?
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    Vanek's production dipped with the Wild... you know who else saw their production go down and stay relatively down on the Wild? Parise. I would wager there is a correlation here. I have a feeling his numbers will bounce back with us, assuming we don't misuse him.
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    Some might say that Dallas Drake was a part of why we won our last cup... Not saying that Ott is comparable to Dallas Drake, but your comment about grit meaning nothing holds no water. Grit does not go hand in hand with fights and PM's. Okay, first of all, Pulk had had ample opportunity to show he can bring it in the NHL and has yet to really earn it. 20 points in 70 games. That doesn't bode well for a sniper. Secondly, Mantha would be wasted on the 4th line. He'd be better of playing top line minutes in Grand Rapids. I would love to have Mantha stay up with the big club this season, but one more year in the AHL may actually benefit him over playing 10 or less minutes a game on a shut-down line.
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    I would also say it's hilarious that you have Helm on the 4th line. He's on the 3rd line, count on it. I don't think he would have stayed otherwise.
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    That's cute that you think Helm will be playing on the 4th line. We didn't pay him as much as we did to have him play minimal minutes. Mantha will more than likely be in GR. If we can't trade a roster forward, then Mantha and AA will be in the minors this season. It pisses me off, but that's what happens when you re-sign Helm and Miller. I'm happy to have Ott. He's a character guy, and won't let the opposition take liberties with our (few) stars. I kind of hope it allows Abdelkader to concentrate more on putting the puck in the net and less on stupid penalties.
  9. In what regard? Less wear and tear?
  10. Boedker 4 years, 4 million per with San Jose. Yet another guy it seems we may have been in on (according to chatter). Would have rather had him over Helm. He can at least produce points.
  11. He doesn't need to mention wanting a trade right now. He is definitely looking into it as he has 8 defensemen, 15 forwards right now. Those are the players who cannot be sent down, so he currently has 2 extra forwards and 1 extra d-man. Something has to give there.
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    Good move to bring in some grit on the 4th line. Holland said that AA and Mantha are going to have to push the other guys in training camp, so sounds like they'll be in Grand Rapids, unfortunately. Unless we make a big trade for a D-man. I have to imagine, if we do, it'll involve Nyquist and others.
  13. Come on, be realistic. Minnesota is a team where someone as good as Parise even drops in production. For 2.6 million, it's a solid signing. It also allows us a chance to trade for a top D now.
  14. Vanek signed 1 year, 2.6 million. Holland made a second good move today!
  15. just under 7.5 million. So 3.5 for DK and 3.5 for Mrazek. Holland is going to have to make some moves.