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    Redwings interested in kirby rychel?

    Why not bring Tangradi up? He's huge, and is scoring at a point/game in GR?

    Larionov on NHL/AHL stifling creative play.

    Great article. Could not agree more with Iggy's take. The system has routed out creativity. Recently, I read an article that quoted Babcock as saying he looks specifically for work ethic and brains. If you're a grinder, grind... if you're a shooter, shoot, and so-on. This is not as prevalent at lower levels. It's not that systems are complex, it's that there are systems that each coach adopts and trains their team on. The system is molding the player, instead of the player's talent molding the system. Look at our defensive prospect Hicketts. This guy is tearing it up... and seriously tearing it up. Look at his size and tell me if he's going to be an NHL defensemen. I hope he does, but the perception-reality in today's game is, he won't last 5 minutes.

    It's gotta be asked....What's up with Hank?

    My thoughts are that other teams are putting their top defenders against his line. He is still our leading scorer (points). This I believe is why the other lines are doing so well. Our 2nd and 3rd lines are scoring better than our first. I chalk this up to how the opposition is playing us.

    Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

    I like the way the Wing's offense is working right now. I can see trading for a top 4 right-shooting defenseman, or a really big and tough stay at home type. I mention the latter because even Kindl could be a good offensive d-man if he had a strong defensive-minded partner. Smith and Kindl both have offensive upside. The line that's baffling me is Z's line. They have been kept off the score sheet for a bit. Now, I also believe that Z's line gets the opposition's best line, thus freeing up the talent we have on the other lines. Our other 3 lines are taking advantage of it, too. The last time I saw Detroit seriously roll 4 solid lines was in 2002. I am trying to keep my excitement for this team in check, due to their inexperience however, other teams have yet to fully isolate all 4 lines. As far as trade bait... for a right-shooting d-man, I'd trade Pulks and Kindl and a pick or so. For a stay at home tough-guy, I'd trade Pulks and a pick. Outside of that... I would keep this team the way it is.

    Each NHL Team's Mount Rushmore

    I am not a Toronto fan, but I'd say Tim Horton, Matts Sundin,Teeder Kennedy and Wendel Clark. For Detroit I'd say: Howe, Sawchuk, Yzerman and Lidstrom.
  6. You smoke alot of weed, huh? Sorry for the jab, but I think you are going to see things differently when this season starts. The slated conference/division swap will put Detroit in a division that is rougher than what they've experienced in the past. Stats show that hitting and fighting are more prevelant in the East, specifically with Toronto and Boston. Detroit was not built "tough" and have had injury woes for years due to the style (not size) of player Detroit typically signs. Weiss and Alfie don't add "toughness" but they have been somewhat durable in the east. Again, we will see.
  7. I also don't agree with you. I feel that Chicago, much like the 2002 Wings vs. Vancouver, didn't take their opposition as seriously as they should have. The Sens are on the rise, and Detroit is going to have their hands full in the Division they are slated to goto. That aside, I just hope Alfie can play those serious minutes he was required to with the Sens. If he pans out like Modano, we are really up $h@! creek, and we will analyze the crap out of how we handled resigning Brunner. This upcomming season aside, if the cap does in fact go back up and we shed Alfie, Bert and Sammy, the following free-agency and the maturity of our youth will set the Wings up for success for 2014-2015. I also feel that Holland felt it was necessary to bring in some Eastern Conference regulars to help with the transition (ie. Alfie and Weiss).

    Brunner Contract Talks

    I agree. I would love to see him return, and feel that Holland should have thrown a more convincing offer at him vice grab Alfie... or at least buy out Bert and put that money towards Brunner. Just my opinion. He owes the Wings nothing, and performed well. I feel Holland may have taken his positive attitude for granted, and it was a gamble that could have been avoided. The fact of the matter is, we are not privilaged enough to know truly how Brunner, his agent and Holland dealt with each other, and can only speculate. Fair winds and following seas to Brunner. He will be a force for whomever he plays for.

    Brunner Contract Talks

    I agree that Weiss has more points... but he's pretty injury prone... Both of these guys are underacheivers however, Flip already knows the system... Weiss needs a sniper, and Brunner would have been that guy, but word is, he's gone and we filled Brunner's spot with a 40 year old.

    Brunner Contract Talks

    Weiss isn't as good as Flip, and he's older. This is turning into a train wreck.

    Stephen Weiss on his way?

    Can't buy out sammy, face it, he's here for next year. Hate seeing Brunner go, he was going to be a good sniper. Weiss will dish the puck to Alfie who will dish the puck to sammy who will shoot high and wild... ok bring out the third line.

    Brunner Contract Talks

    So who replaces Flip?

    Stephen Weiss on his way?

    Want Brunner.... Must get Brunner.

    Brunner Contract Talks

    From Ted Kulfan: Brunner appears to be headed for the free-agent market and likely will not return to the Wings. The Red Wings could also be in the hunt for one of many unrestricted free agent centers available such as Mike Ribeiro, Stephen Weiss or Mikhail Grabovski. From The Detroit News: Really want Brunner.... this sucks.
  15. The questions that need answering are: Would Alfie had been the player to get us to the cup this last season, and if not, who or what would get the Wings back into the SCF?

    Wings in on Alfredsson

    Put him with Samuelson and Franzen... make a good 4th line!

    Players of Interest

    Hammer, meet the nail! My thoughts are: Sign Brunner and our RFAs. Let Cleary walk, trade Quincey for a few picks, pick up Ferrence for a year or two, get our youth up.

    The Overreaction Thread

    You're right. I think things are economically getting a bit better, and it would be a pleasant change to hear the crowd "roar" again. But, to get that "roar" we need to ice some stars. I suppose I get frustrated when I see a lack of movement in an already dire situation. The Wings are becoming one-demensional, and they really needed Vinnie to replace Fil. Fil never put the "big-boy" shoes on, and Vinnie wore those shoes in Tampa time and time again. So what do you guys think KH's next move , if any, will be???

    The Overreaction Thread

    Been awhile since I've replied to something here, but I have watched this forum closely for several years. I am a bit upset with our team this time, and forum bullies/ self-proclaimed experts aside, I feel it's necessary to chime in, or at a minimum, share my opinion (whether you want it or not). I think this thread is perfect for that! I don't think it's overreaction for real fans of this team to be upset with the path the Red Wings are headed down. I feel that star players will cost this team more than others in part due to the sad state of our city, and the fact we don't fill our stands anymore. The economy alone says that until some major support/ excitement is generated for this team by the people of Detroit, getting some super-star players into the Big D is going to be difficult. KH needs to pull a shocker deal off just to generate excitement. Let's face it, if you care enough to post something here, you are a fan, and aren't going anywhere, but that base is starting to dwindle, not grow like in the mid to late 90's and early 2000's... KH used to really shake things up. He even proved that this team was capable in the cap era in 2008. Well, it's several years later, and the team is still hanging on the backs of Dats and Hank. I believe Holland can't get those superstar players in here, and as good as our farm team is, they can't move up due to Sammy, Bertuzzi and Cleary. Personally, their run in this playoff, or even that they got there was a fluke. So here's the big question: What's it going to take? You need fans and sponsers to make money, you need money to generate excitement and interest. Hank and Dats are not getting any younger. Where's it going to come from? Overreaction, no. Concerned, very.

    Leino, Flip Snr who's next years surprise pick up?

    We already had that slow moving no-talent ass-hat.

    10/13 GDT: Red Wings, 2 at Sabres, 6

    I was hoping to see one more win before heading to the Gulf... Oh well, there's always "next year." Can't say that I didn't expect this, I hope they can turn it around.

    Thoughts on Ericsson?

    I think he's an extremely fast skater for his size.

    Helm on the the roster for 2008-09?

    Next year I would like to see: Zett-Dats-Homer (skill) Franzen-Filppula-Hudler (new skill) Helm-Draper-Cleary (speed and checking) Abdelkader-Mursak/Kopecky-Leino (new guys) Downey Lids-Rafalski Stewart-Kronwall Ericson-Quincey Meech

    Bounty on Bettman

    I am in Georgia, however, I would do it in a heartbeat (Detroit Metro's prison cells are comfy). I'm in for $100 if Bettman is hit with the Octipus!

    Raise your hand if!

    Still here!