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  1. ye man here here in Montreal they always riot!! My dad was telling me about the riot in 93when they won the cup haha! Good thing I don't live near Downtown it must've been crazy! It was hard to sleep also with all of Montreal honking their cars
  2. u can watch it here
  3. man im gonna miss dom I really hope he gets another chance!! anyways hopefully putting in Osgood will win us the series cause I dont want to see another early exit
  4. Zetterberg needs to step it up and alot of players aswell, Datsyuk has been our best player so far with Draper..The only player who is really dissapointing me is Filppula
  5. noo....let's be like Hab fans and think we need a new captain ! I think Nick is a good captain, no need for a new captain
  6. the red wings are chockers!!! We suck Nashville is better because they actually score goals unlike us... scoring 2 goals isnt gonna win you games..we are making Ellis look good <.<
  7. hasek is my fav goalie..but it doesnt look like the wings have confidence in him
  8. Rangers or Capitals! there's no way detroit is beating nashville with this perfomance
  9. knew this was coming...
  10. wings win 5-1 GO DOM!! =D
  11. tie game! I dont want pens to win
  12. ^ I guess he means next friday
  13. Hasek had a bad game..but still no reason for e veryone to say he sucks or freak outl. Look at Osgood's game vs Kings I didn't really see anyone complaining about that..Hasek has been amazing for the past 2 months its bound hes gonna have a bad game.
  14. hahaha that's awesome =D