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  1. Good win. Weird night officiating. Our breakouts were a lot better tonight. Danny dekeyser continues to suck a lot he should be the one sitting. Also larkin needs to get it going. He does not look dominant like last year. Glad goose and tats looked a lot better tonight. Sproul and green were great.
  2. I will give credit to howard. I am not a fan of his at all but he worked hard and got the team the win tonight. I do not think this should be opening up the idea of a goalie battle... It was one game and frankly he always plays good against the rangers. The net is still petrs but it is nice that jimmy got a confident start so when he does play hes more confident. With any luck the kings watched the game tonight and kenny throws a package today to movehoward. Its best for the team.
  3. I do not agree with playing howard tonight at all. Every time they shoot I get nervous... I can only imagine how little confidence the team has in him. He has terrible lateral movement. Petr should have played tonight anf friday and then jimmy saturday but thats why blashill isnt a good coach.
  4. There is a huge coaching problem with this team. Floridas players all know where to go, communicate and clearly understand their system. Our players look lost, look totally unmotivated and clearly do not respond to this coach. Id love to have ron wilson coaching our team.
  5. What an atrocious 2 periods. Petr should be pissed the amount of times he has had to bail them out already. The biggest issue is that the D simply is not good. Ericsson is slow and just skates around, oulette looks too soft, marchenko makes about as many mistakes as ericsson, dekeyser does not know how to make a good pass. We need to upgrade our D and if kenny does not see that then he needs to go.
  6. Petr looked strong in net. He let in one that he would like back, but he more than made up for it with some incredible saves. He had little chance on most of the goals. On forwards, Vanek had a strong outing, Nyquist had his moments, Abby had a good game, Z was okay. I thought Nelson had moments, but was also a little soft on the puck at times. The whole Larkin line needs to be better and frankly I have no idea why Sheahan is even on that line. Should be AA. As many people have said, Miller should have been gone a couple seasons ago. On defense, Smith and Green were fantastic! I love how Green is not hesitating to shoot the puck, Smith is joining in rushes and creating scoring chances. Ericsson was to no surprise not very good, but I think Dekeyser was our worst Dman tonight. Bad positioning, gave the puck away numerous times on what should have been an easy out. I really wish we would have sent him in a trade for Trouba. As for the coaching staff, our PP looks a lot better than last year, but our PK looks terrible. And the poor bench management continues (I think we led the nhl last season in too many men calls). Overall I liked some things that I saw, but they simply need to be better. They got outcycled way too much. I think playing Sproul over Ericsson woud be a fantastic idea.
  7. Ya he was okay last year until december and then sucked for the rest of the year. So not gonna hold my breath.
  8. That will look nice from the bench haha
  9. Jimmy was good but he still did what he always does... Let in weak goals. Game 7 ot goal against the hawks for instance.
  10. Blahsill cant do his stupid goalie rotation this season he has to give mrazek more starts. Id like to see him start around 65 games. There can be no question as to who is the starter next season.
  11. Hes not. He is our worst player and has no place on our team. If we cant move him and kenny dont buy him out then he can at least sit in the press box. That alone will make our D better.
  12. If we dont make a trade now for a dman here is what id like to see Smith-green: our best pair last year, can move the puck well. I think smith is way better than he gets credit for and definitely better than danny dekeyser Kronwall-oulette:i think kronner will be healthier and be much better than people think and pairing him with a young guy like oulette would be great for both Dekesyer-marchenko/sproul : i think dekeyser has regressed a lot and i think he is best served on our 3rd pairing. It would make a pretty good 3rd pairing.
  13. Or maybe package up a huge deal for barrie and duchene or gabriel? We would give up nyquist, mantha, sproul and a 1st for barrie and duchene? That would be a great deal.
  14. If thats true then there has to be a trade in the works.
  15. This!! I say we offer sheet kucherov and then sign one of the free agents. Tamapa does not have the cap space to match our offer. Obviously we will overpay a bit but it would totally be worth it.