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  1. Article here Looks like Ozzie is staying... but I wonder: do any of you think that he would want to go someplace else? It says his agent hasn't decided on terms, but that could be just a ploy to eke more money out of the deal (as agents are known to do).
  2. Me too! Just absolutely hilarious, haha. Amazing vid!
  3. I would love to see Lillypad play in person. I think that would be just... hilarious. You're lucky.
  4. Lately he's emerged as a great player and I do think he deserves a nice long contract. He's really a good kid. I think he was falling through the cracks, taking a backseat to some more well known players (Dats, Z, etc). He's getting himself noticed now, he worked for, he deserves it.
  5. I just hope he doesn't get shot down because they think it's favoritism... I want Ozzie to have the fair shot he deserves at that spot in goal.
  6. Happy Birfday! Haha, that would be great. No Hatter for Flip, though... but I can live with a win
  7. <pray> 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 </pray>
  8. Better drinks than goals, if you ask me.
  9. Help Flip get his hat trick!
  10. What's that? "I EAT GOALIES LIKE MANNY FOR BREAKFAST! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!" That did seem unnecessarily brutal, with no reaction from the refs... refs seem to be content letting the Blues get away with too much against us lately.
  11. Yeah, I'm using that, but that just makes it 15 seconds behind instead of a minute. But hey, as long as I can watch the game This is payback for the unnecessary loss a few days ago. This is the Wings I remember.
  12. You wouldn't be alone! In addition, if he gets a hatty, I'll get his jersey.
  13. My sopcast is behind! so, delayed SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  14. Good call! Now let's make that 4-0 call happen. Glad someone said what I was thinking!
  15. Anyone else having trouble viewing all the pages of this thread? (I'm hoping by posting it'll fix it) edit: it did