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  1. Yes, 10/20 career, absolutely no shot. I'll take the 50/50 any day over the s*** that just happened.
  2. awesome. 3 on 1 to deny 400 .
  3. vs St Louis on Wednesday would be a perfect way to get 400. Worst case scenario, I'm sure Babcock would toss Osgood in at home on New Year's Even against the Isles for the free win. I think he'll win one before that though.
  4. Osgood's first season with the Islanders is currently their best regular season in the last 25 years. He joined them the year after they lost 51 games. Whether he carried the team or not, it was a damn good year for him.
  5. Ozzy .929%, it's great to see him play solid and get a win. Even better to be 2-0 with Chicago 0-2.
  6. This tandem will win the jennings. Osgood will obviously be good because he's clearly 'the backup' again. Howard will not have a sophomore slump because he's pretty much 100 years old. We should be more worried about his decline.
  7. Bionic legs?
  8. I met Chris Osgood at a signing event when I was 6 or 7. Don't remember much except that he was joking around the whole time. My friend and I walked past Chris Chelios at Troy Sports Center. I didn't really notice it was him until I turned and looked, but my friend was just walking in and said "Hey." to him. Chris responded "Hey." And that was it.
  9. Expensive goaltending isn't worth it. There isn't that much difference between top-5 and average when it comes to goalies anymore. Lose Luongo, insert Schneider and $6m elite defenseman... VAN is the same or more likely does better this year. Lose MAF, insert any decent plug goalie and $5m winger for Sid, I bet PIT does better.
  10. I'll take 11 points in 10 games from a slump any day. Of course I'd rather see him scoring goals like the last few years, but I don't think offense is really our problem. At least he'll [probably] have about a month longer to recover before next year.
  11. Howard is a physically and technically a better goalie than Osgood is right now. But I do believe we'd be doing better had Osgood played more and gotten the start in the playoffs. It's impossible to know that now though.
  12. Defense and goaltending. The defense hasn't been really good. Howard has been solid, but far from great. We've become used to a higher level of goaltending in the last two years. Coaching.
  13. This is why people calling for Ozzy to start more than 1 game in the last few months weren't just blind Ozzy homers. It'd be nice to have the OPTION to go to him, but we really don't have that. Howard should start game 4 anyway. If he sucks and we lose, I'd go to Ozzy for game 5. Not that it would really matter after that.