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  1. haha, yeah for real. Dave Strader makes reference to it in his video report on the series on today as well. BAHAHAHAHA
  2. Dave Strader (who many of us remember well) is covering the series for NBCSports. He reports that after the morning skate today the Preds were using the ping pong tables outside the dressing rooms to relax. Big Bert stepped out, told them that if they wanted to play ping-pong, they'd have to bring their own table; then he folded the table up and wheeled it into the Wings room. CLASSIC! follow Dave Strader on Twitter if thats your thing. @TheVoiceDS GO WINGS
  3. Kenneth Rucker, a.k.a. "Orange Hat Guy", passed away

    ....hopefully Heaven doesnt have Dish Network.......
  4. NHL Powered By Reebok store in NYC

    Ive been there a few times; its right in the heart of NYC, and its a pretty cool store-- but I certainly wouldnt make a special trip there JUST to see the store; I usually stop in when Im in NYC. Its definitely a great spot to get a jersey, hat , or t-shirt as they have them for every team. I remember though that the t-shirts especially were very expensive; they had a cool vintage Minnesota North Stars t-shirt and I was going to but it until I saw that it was around $50.
  5. please chicago win the stanley cup

    The Conn Smythe doesnt have to go to a player on the team that wins the Stanley Cup. Pronger could just as easily win it even if the Flyers lose. That makes this post ignorant and unnecessary.
  6. MO Cheese

    No, she died last year.
  7. MO Cheese

  8. Red Wings Tattoos?

    Ive got a great story about a Wings tattoo. During the late spring of 1996 I was at Cedar Point and I saw some tool with a huge stanley cup tattoo on the back of his leg and it said "Detroit Red Wings 1996 Stanley Cup Champions" with the logo in the middle of the cup. I asked him about it and he said that there was no way we werent winning the cup that year (the 62 win season), and he wanted to have the tattoo before anyone else. LOL
  9. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    I dont play on any team; I do however have a job, and I get paid to do my job. If I sucked at my job, I would get suspended or fired. Im also a season ticket holder, which means that I help pay Todd Bertuzzi's salary. Sure, its a miniscule amount--- but its still my money. And for the $6000 I pay the Detroit Red Wings every season, my opinion is that he sucks and he needs to go. Last time I checked you didnt need to be in the NHL to voice your opinion on a fan message board, jackass.
  10. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    Some of you are confused as to the reason for this post. Im not saying that Bertuzzi is the ONLY bad player; Im not saying that Bertuzzi is the ONLY reason we are losing. Im not saying that I just now realized he sucks after 24 games. The only point of this post is to say exactly what the title says. Bertuzzi sucks. He flat out fricking sucks. Thats it.
  11. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    HaHa totally agree. I have no clue how Lebda is even in the NHL. Its not even possible to post anymore about how bad he sucks. Its like making fun of the retarded kid in your elementary school class.
  12. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    I cant stand to watch Todd Bertuzzi play one more shift. What a complete waste of cap money. Cant score, terrible passes, constant give aways, refuses to throw anything that even remotely resembles a hit, and consistently taking stupid penalties, most of them in the offensive zone to make up for his disgusting play . Bringing him back has to be one of the worst moves the Wings have made since trading Adam Oates for Bernie Federko. Judas Priest, Id take Robert Lang over this piece of garbage, at least Langer could score an occasional goal.
  13. Cleary- Dan, Danny, or Daniel?!

    Ive noticed this year that both the FSD and the radio announcers are referring to Cleary as "Danny" cleary as opposed to "Dan" of years past. Also, the graphics on TV all say "Danny" now as well. But, at the Joe Louis, the graphics and PA Announcements are all as "Dan". I know its minor, but im just wondering---- has Cleary asked to be called Danny? Whats with the change?
  14. Ron Wilson to coach U.S. Olympic team

    [/size]LOL I love how you put "hanta yo" in the subject. LOL great reference to the '98 finals. "Hanta yo baby!!!"
  15. "I forgot he was a Red Wing!"

    Daniel Shank, Marc Habscheid, and my all time favorite........Alan Bester. Bester played 2 and half games in a Wings jersey. I have a Wings jersey with Bester on the back, say hi if you see me in section 209!