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  1. Zetterberg for Crosby?

    I was kind of surprised how many of you wings fans said yes to this one. Zetterberg for Crosby would fill up the seats but you got to remember how outstanding Z is on defense. In my opionion he plays better D then any top forward in the league. Also you got to remember that Detroit believes in a style more then it believes in individual players. You have to have people that buy into that system as as I don't watch much Eastern Conference games I don't know how Sid would fit in. I would take Vinny for Datsyuk either but Vinny is a great player. If we somehow got him without giving up Datsuyk i agree you got to put him on the second line. No reason to break up the best line in hockey. So no to both, but then of course my screenname is Zetterberg5150 and I obviously am a little biased!!! Go wings
  2. wanna watch all NHL(Red Wings) games online free?

    ya, i would like to help the wings fans out but it will be awhile. ive researched it some and you are going to need a TV card for your comp....even if you get that there is a chance your stream will suck...not sure its worth it.
  3. wanna watch all NHL(Red Wings) games online free?

    yes, do you know anything about how to technically do this? I assume I would have to buy some sort of video card for the computer. anything other then that?
  4. Do we actually have it all?

    Ya, winning the cup is tough no matter who you got in there. I really thought last year was the year after we snuck by San Jose, however that awful goal that bounced off Nick's stick was the end of us. I don't think we need much though....maybe one more forward.
  5. wanna watch all NHL(Red Wings) games online free?

    ya he eventually took it down as it was rather unwatchable. is there normally someone else who puts up the wings games? also can u usually view the games after they are completed? when I am at home I could help as well if someone showed me how to do it as I have Center Ice.
  6. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1

    So far we got Kronwall leading us in shots tonight. Weird game
  7. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1

    Hey where did that Nashville goal come from. The website I am on says it came from outside the blueline.
  8. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1

    Oh ya? I am not watching it. I am stuck in a boring ass meeting at 10 at night believe it or not
  9. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1

    isn't it funny how the wings are outshooting the preds by 9 and we all think they are playing awful......the are just sick and we are used to it
  10. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1

    Hey how many posts I got to make in order to be able to start a topic?
  11. 12/10 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1

    Hey anyone have a link to watch some streaming video. The program i normally use just went down for some reason. Ya lets not forget the wings are playing on back to back nights. We sure were playing sloppy though. Maybe we can sneak this one out
  12. wanna watch all NHL(Red Wings) games online free?

    Whoever SkaCore is....he is the man. Normally I would be sitting in this 12 hour buisness meeting bored as can be but instead i am watching the wings dominate the Preds. Thanks again
  13. Datsyuk scoring goals

    No one on this site was really worried about Dats were they? He has played amazing all year. G-A-P doesn't matter nearly as much as most think and one of his greatest attributes is he only takes what the opponent gives him. I wish i could take away the puck like that guy though. I believe he has had 4 goals off take aways in the last 9 games.
  14. OFFICIAL: Niedermayer returns to Ducks

    There are alot of factors here with the Ducks two starts from last year. First is that both are one year older and haven't played the beggining of the season. Second is that the Ducks are on the playoff bubble and production will be expected from both immedietely. Both guys are fantastic players though. I will never forget Teemu's rookie season when he came out of nowhere to score 78. Nieds is an all time defenseman but not all players are like Chris Chelios and can just continue to come back year after year with the same fitness level. I don't think we should worry about this at all......in fact I can't find a team in the Western Conference that really worries me right now. Right now I think the Canucks are the most dangerous as they have that great 1st line and the best shut down goalie in the WC.
  15. Central Division, finally strong?

    I sure hope all of you are right...sure i see how playing hard everynight helps you prepare for the season finale but at the same time we are the oldest team in the league. Breezing through a few games here and there isn't a bad thing. Won't be that kind of game tonight against Montreal.