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  1. DUDE! don't say things like that. It is a sure way to anger the hockey gods
  2. Yea, but the Kings, Ducks, Devils, Islanders, and the Capitals are in the bottom half of league attendance .
  3. The only thing I really know about Seattle comes from Grey's Anatomy but isn't Seattle a little close to Vancouver. Having to teams that close together can't really be a good thing
  4. What Zidane did was stupid, but I heard Matterazzi called him a dirty African dog, so he deserved it
  5. I'm pretty sure it is the same thing that Brad Richards gave Jay Feaster
  6. Seriously! Talk overestimating your market price ! if no one willing to offer you more than 4 in what world would they give you 5. The guy is 37 yrs old and 40 goals in the regular season should be overshadowed by 0 in the playoffs If he wants that much he is just hurting the team and then should be kicked to the curb