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  1. Tonights Wings Game...Minus 30 Minutes!

    I've got the standby feed on Center Ice online. \o/
  2. Tonights Wings Game...Minus 30 Minutes!

    I hear you. I've been stuck on the East Coast for the past several years. I had to decide whether to move to Chicago or Ann Arbor after graduation, and the Wings were a huge weight in Michigan's favor. Plenty of fans to watch games with in Chicago, but it's not quite the same. Plus I'd always fear that when I had kids, they'd grow up to be Blackhawks fans. *shudder*
  3. Tonights Wings Game...Minus 30 Minutes!

    That's awesome, although I'm not getting my hopes up; it seems like Center Ice screws me over whenever possible. I really hope it's the Detroit feed....
  4. Pierre Maguire is a loathsome human being

    Seriously? I'm very nearly inclined to take that entire post as a joke, because I can't believe that anyone actually feels this way. I actually feel dumber after listening to McGuire's commentary. I mean, "structure"? wtf is that about? Way to offer the uneducated American masses insight on the game. I've listened to plenty of medicore, homerific broadcasters through NHL CenterIce, but none of them have given me the urge to be physically violent the way McGuire's idiotic comments often do. (btw, I've never blamed him for the ridiculous middle-of-the-game interviews because I figured that wasn't his call to begin with. If it is, then I have even more reason to hate him.)
  5. NHL needs to return to ESPN

    That's easy to say if you live somewhere hockey is actually broadcast, or have the money for something like Center Ice (which isn't an unreasonably priced package, but is out of reach for those of us who don't even have the prerequisite digital cable). I went from living in Michigan, where I not only got Red Wings games through FSN but also a steady supply of hockey through CBC, to the East Cosat, where I'm lucky if I can find a bar where I can watch playoff games, particularly Western Conference games. I'm very nostalgic for ESPN2's playoff coverage. I get that there is nothing short of cash incentives that will get my Texan roommates to watch a hockey game, but there's got to be something to be said for maintaining the fans you already have. I care enough to listen to games online, but I have classamtes who are more casual hockey fans and aren't going to make the effort. And it would be nice to at least have the potential to reach new fans. I'm sure we've all turned to ESPN when bored just to watch whatever's on. I don't think anyone would say that about Vs.