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  1. honestly, i'll be surprised if they don't medal.
  2. holy crap how freaking old is jagr now? i wouldn't be too concerned about this team winning any medals in vancouver.
  3. Mick is truly a gem, may he continue to be the voice of the Wings for years to come!
  4. brett lebda: total bro.
  5. nope! my boyfriend gets really evil ones though. tpbm has blown a tire on the freeway before.
  6. romaine, certainly. monopoly or life?
  7. http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0469315/ feb 1973. this would make her 36, no?
  8. ahaha....huds' girlfriend was like..over ten years older than him, i believe. it's good that they broke up, especially if she wants kids. as for the prostitutes...who cares!? consensual 'crimes' are ridiculous. he's probably an awful boyfriend but i don't think that taints his image or the image of the wings at all. now..assaulting a cabbie over 20 cents--THAT'S something to be ashamed of.
  9. as nice as it'd be to work at home, i like my commute if only because i get to see this gorgeous skyline every day on my way home: wings home jerseys or wings away jerseys?
  10. ahaha, i'm not a student. and no, i'm alright being stationary on the couch while staring into the television. tpbm works in education!
  11. i'm hoping canada gets the gold, sweden gets the silver, and the czech republic gets the bronze.
  12. oh what the f***. kenny, what are you smoking?!
  13. i was thinking about this today, and i think it'd be a good idea if chicago were to sign cheli. they could pay him league minimum, and even though he wouldn't be terribly useful on the ice (maybe 6th on defence) he'd be a huge presence in the dressing room and could provide the hawks w/some discipline, guidance, whatever. plus, this way, he could retire as a blackhawk. i don't know if they could afford it, or if they'd even have room for him anywhere. i just thought it would be kinda cool for everyone involved..
  14. definitely atlantic. average attractiveness and genius intellect or incredibly high level of attractiveness and average intelligence?