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  1. Eliminate 2 Teams

    I'd eliminate or move Phoenix, Florida and Anaheim. No Canadian teams would be gone.
  2. I agree with that totally. He had some great moments in Detroit but just isn't in the same elite class as Yzerman and company.
  3. Who will win the cup?

    Rage Against the Machine rules! Anyway, Ottawa is my first choice but if Buffalo beat them, then I choose the Sabres.
  4. I CANNOT BELIEVE the Lions passed on the golden boy.

    The Lions could have helped themselves out more by taking someone without that many issues. Now I suppose Millen will go and sign Marcus Vick...
  5. NFL Draft talk

    The Lions need to get rid of Millen before they'll ever rebuild their team.
  6. Most Exciting Active Athletes In Sports?

    I forgot a baseball player, Torii Hunter, he's crazy with the glove.
  7. Most Exciting Active Athletes In Sports?

    Shaun White Tony Hawk Dave Mirra Tiger LeBron Ovechkin
  8. Round 1

    Wings in 6