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  1. Ozzie & Conklin

    What name was written on the back of his helmet? I think it was conks, or something of the sort.
  2. Lowe does it again

    Thats right...sorta. Beverl hills is in L.A down the street from Hollywood (which is part of L.A) Do they live in East L.A? or Compton? most likely not. Same with Detroit. Detroit might not be a very nice place to live, But that does not really matter. It's places like Birmingham, Royal Oak, Novi, Ferndale, Beverly Hills (MI) and various other Oakland and Wayne county places that people live and hang out in. It seems everyone not from here thinks we all live in the city of detroit and use there schools and so on. It just shows they don't really know what they are talking about when they speak of Michigan, much less detroit.
  3. Please Stop Calling The Wings A Lock

    being humble is good, but every board I go on and on the TSN "have your say" almost everyone is saying "just hand them the cup and lets start over". My favorite was "The Wings are gonna set a path of destruction through the west" (that kind of thing come from a lot of Habs fans. I have to admit, I like reading that, it's a lot better than "the Wings are to soft and have to many euros to be a threat, much less win the cup." I'm very excited for next season.
  4. Wings Concept Jersey

    I can not understand how someone is sitting around getting paid to come up with this crap. lol. an old english D? Detroit is not even old english. The Best part are all the, "The currant Logo and colors of the wings do not work for me." the arrogance of these half wits is amazing! As if we need to appeal to there fashion sense, As non-monochrome as it may be. What an ass clown! sorry, rant over.
  5. Post Everytime You Look

    hmmm, job fair in detroit , this weekend I think. I wonder if there will be any jobs?
  6. Post Everytime You Look

    Thats right! lightning is lightning. I bet it's from the same people that say "it's to cold to snow" I think the zebra's have something to do with that as well.
  7. Brad Stuart needs to stay!

    I think he will stay, As for the money and the worth, I think Kenny has proven he knows what he's doing. Stuart found how good he can be here, it clicks and I think he knows that. As far as the wife goes...well I go to L.A alot and I don't make anywhere near what that family makes. It won't be hard to go to and from for a few years. I just don't think she will complain all that much. (maybe just a bit) We will see him here next season IMO.
  8. Rank The Red Wings Stanley Cups

    97 08 98 02 All for most of the same reasons. Though for me the 08 was very sweet despite game 5, We were not s'posed to win from round 1, game 1. Then there was no way we were to keep up with the mega depth, speed and youth of of the pens. (and thats not including cindy and malk), then... when we showed that not only was that not the case, it "seemed" like someone or some people did there best to lean it. I don't care what anyone says. Gray area rules my ass! That crap was blantent, If people who know nothing about hockey from areas where there is no market noticed the tilt of calls and non-calls, well then... We still won! why? To quote HHH (lol) Because we are that damn good! And I say "We" because with out a doubt, all our goallie VooDoo dolls and playoff bracelets did help. So we should get the cup for a day too. ha!
  9. Lockeroom humor

    one of the best I have ever seen! I had to call people to make sure they were seeing this! lol.
  10. Pens again bemoan lack of obstruction calls

    I wonder if deep down he feels the game 3 win of his was just a fluke? or just a case of...."well it worked the first time, maybe a second time will as well."
  11. Hey everyone! Been on the site for about 6 months now and this is my first post. I'm a die hard wings fan, and love the PS wars! thought I'd try my hand at it. Not sure where I was going with this pic, but I did get into making it and got a bit carried away. I did credit LGW for using the cup backdrop, I hope it was ok to do so. Cheers and GO WINGS!