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    Living back in Michigan after some time in Canada. Life long Wings fan.<br />I know my posts are mostly smart-ass comments, but I really do take the sport of hockey seriously. Its just that some of the posters here take it seriously enough for everyone so I tend to chime in with wisecracks.

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  1. FedorovGurl

    4-1 1st rd exit best thing for Wings

    Ansar Khan just tweeted that Cleary is having knee surgery and Joey Mac maybe having back surgery soon as well.
  2. FedorovGurl

    So Who Do You Cheer For Now?

    Sorry even after all this time I don't know how to add a "reply" to my post. So to the person who asked if I would cheer for the Sharks, Hawks etc to win the cup .. I would say the same thing I did in my original post. I always will root for the West. Maybe its just me but I have always been so sick of the Eastern Conference bias and hockey experts, analysts, pundits etc all treating the West like the redheaded stepchild. I get that it will probably never change but I have been watching hockey my whole life and just don't like it. Theres the saying that "the East is made up of good players and the West is made up of good teams" but it seems like the high scoring players get far more attention than the high scoring teams. Other than a Sedin or Perry appearing out of nowhere the high scorers are always out of the East and get all the attention - Stamkos, Ovie, Malkin, Crosby, Tavares, Kovalchuk etc etc. The West has the better goalies but all you hear about is Thomas, Fleury and Brodeur. I find it irritating. Look at the Winter Classics; only once was it two Western teams. Its always the darlings of the East. Even our upcoming WC we are playing an Eastern team. Why would they pick a team not in our conference and why pick the Leafs when the Canadian teams have their own game... Heritage Classic? I understand they are playing the whole "original six" card but I don't buy it. Maybe if the Western teams win a bunch of Cups in a row it may make people take notice. Probably not but, just speaking for myself, I will not root for an Eastern team to win the Cup
  3. FedorovGurl

    So Who Do You Cheer For Now?

    I just cannot stand to see an Eastern team win the cup. I know I am biased but I feel that its an inferior conference full of prima donnas and whiners. I guess at this point I am rooting for Phoenix as it may help them keep their team or LA maybe?
  4. FedorovGurl

    What can be done to go East?

    I hope it never happens. Eastern conference is weaker; don't want our players to pick up bad habits. I will happily stay up late for games. Much rather do that than have to watch game after game after game of playing the Penguins.
  5. FedorovGurl

    Kyle Okposo re-signs with Islanders

    Islanders are my favorite Eastern team. They are so fast, fun, and full of promise. Grabner is amazing! I look forward to seeing them get better and better if they can fix the goalie issues. Montoya had surgery the other day and DiPietro is injured more often than healthy. Too bad they are saddled with the likes of Wang and Snow in management.
  6. FedorovGurl

    Have you got your RED on?

    Ready to add another red!
  7. FedorovGurl

    Have you got your RED on?

    Am I the only one still kickin it old school??
  8. FedorovGurl

    Nashville vs. Anaheim

    Congrats to the Preds Am happy for them and their fans.
  9. FedorovGurl

    Have you got your RED on?

    Am in... again! How many years have we been doing this now? Anyway, the first red bracelet in on!!
  10. FedorovGurl

    Round 1: Wings vs. Coyotes

    Could go 7. Wings have the fire-power but Yotes have the goaltending.
  11. FedorovGurl

    stupid stuff other teams announce crews say.

    I watch a LOT of hockey and the Sharks announcers irritate me the most. They constantly call the players by their first names - (and it reminds me of in high school where you try to act like you know the cool kids by waving to them in the hall and saying their name). So you hear a lot of "Joe passes to Joe who passes to Patrick..blah blah blah". Annoying! Of course I favor the Wings announcers - Mickey rules! But I also find the Preds announcers, Pete Weber and Terry Crisp, hockey smart and they tell a lot of stories from the old school days like Mickey does. They also speak highly of other teams. Last time they played here they went on and on about how good the Wings were and how much they love to come to Detroit and spend time with Mickey and talk about old times and have a few ginger ales. And I totally agree about Bob Errey. He's not just a homer, he's a homer with a bad attitude.
  12. FedorovGurl

    Hudler is Lazy and he sucks

    I too still believe in Hudler and think he will be just fine.
  13. FedorovGurl

    Jimmy's out w/back spasms, MacDonald recalled

    Was just reported as back spasms for Howard
  14. FedorovGurl

    Tampa Bay News Source

    Follow them on Twitter for the best and fastest coverage
  15. FedorovGurl

    10/19 GDT

    Canes score a shorty right at the start. Second game in a row that the Sharks have given up a short-handed goal.