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  1. Time Warner C.I. not broadcasting DET/NSH Game?

    NEWS FOR AUSTIN FANS! Ok, just had a great conversation with Wes Clarkson from the NHL offices in New York. What I have learned: 1) All TWC affilicates that carry NHL Center Ice should be offering The NHL Network. He did state that this is taking longer to rollout than hoped and expected. 2) The afflilate in Austin has had permission to, and should have, had this channel listed as of November! When I took him to www.timewarneraustin.com and walked him through the lineup, he was shocked. 3) Wes was going to get the right people involved to address this immediately! So, it looks like we should be getting ALL the games....later than wanted....but better than never. (BTW...Wes was great in listening and understanding the thoughts posted through this forum. If anyone else has issues, i'd see if I could ask for him. I got him through the number listed prior in this thread. Seems like a great guy!) RED WINGS ROCK!