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  1. 2/21 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Wild 5

    IS it safe to say Howard sucks??
  2. Remember February?

    i never seen that picture before LOL
  3. Remember February?

    When we had that bad streak because of injuries??? Didn't think anyone would LOL
  4. These writers at freep are idiots...

    They allow you to use the computer for personal use at Burger King??
  5. Doubters: Sign Up Here

    YEah because that would make a ton of sense wouldn;t it? A Clues or Chicago fan here makeing fun of a team that is going to win the cup in 6 games? WOW good call
  6. Doubters: Sign Up Here

    Did i mention you can put my name 2 times on that list?
  7. Doubters: Sign Up Here

    put my name down then as a non believer. Pens have the momentum now.
  8. Cheli in for game 6?

    Cheli and McCarty need to both play. We won with McCarty in Pitt.... and that would be 2 fresh bodies.... take Hudler and Lilja out
  9. Chris Osgood

    I only blame osgood for the game tieing goal. other than that not much he can do when Kronwall puts one in his own net
  10. SCF Game 5 GDT: Penguins 4, Red Wings 3 (3OT)

    I bet we don't win the cup now. All we had to do was go 47 seconds and we blow it... we dominated overtime and end up sucking and to bad i can't change my screen name because Hudler blows
  11. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    WE WILL WIN THIS GAME WE WILL WIN THIS GAME.... wow you guys should feel pretty stupid right now LOL.
  12. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    Filpula fans... i fell like i have heard that before..
  13. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    TooToo will get hit by a train while walking with his boy toy this summer.... Book It
  14. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    Did i see Holmstrom get tripped and no whistle?
  15. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    To much chewing tobacco