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  1. Totally lame. That home streak has people thinking this team is better than it is. No way this team is significantly better than last year. If Datsyuk misses playoff time we're completely f***ed.
  2. Sounded like Don Cherry was no.11 for the Wings.
  3. Nyquist, what a goal.
  4. Unbelievably awful.
  5. Hudler, easily.
  6. Wings sign former Penguin and Michigan native Chris Conner, according to The Production Line's twitter. If true, I assume it's for GR.
  7. Good stuff. Man that backup goalie market was thin.
  8. Pleased that Eaves looks to be staying. I think he could be better with more opportunity, too.
  9. Tallon...
  10. Wow. Didn't see this coming. It must be that spaghetti knee of his, I'd guess. He was pretty disappointing recently, but I'm still shocked he's actually retiring and not trying to battle out another year. There will be a big signing or two now, with this news, I'm sure.
  11. Holland is apparently on Espn961 now at 3pm ET talking about the Wings offseason plans. I can't access it cos I'm not in the US though, boo, hiss. But if anyone wants a listen...
  12. Anyone else think that they'll move MacLean back to Defensive Coach and hire an Offensive guy?
  13. Wahey! Pop the champagne corks, McCrummy's gone! I knew it was him!
  14. Go Canucks, Go Lightning, Go Bruins, f*** the Sharks.
  15. f*** that, Wings scored 3 in the 3rd last game. They only have to get 2 in the 3rd today.