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  1. press conference on @ 3pm 4-11-08

    I think that was part II or II. There was one on earlier today at 12:15. I didn't see it but it might have been Babs.
  2. Goal Question

    Ok thanks everyone! I was just confused because they never dropped the puck again after the goal.
  3. Goal Question

    I was wondering if it is with in the rules to get a goal at the 20:00 minute mark. I was at the Griffins game tonight and the other team got an empty net goal at the very end of the game. They announced the goal at the 20 minute mark. It's not like the goal made a difference or anything, I'm just curious what the rules are. Cause the way I understand it there should have been at least a tenth of a second left in the game or the game is over and the goal doesn't count. Thanks for your help!
  4. The Kids ARE Alright

    Kindl got beat pretty badly by Boychuck. Quincy's first fight with Healey never really started. They both dropped gloves and skated in circles sqareing off. It looked like Healey kept backing off and didn't really want to fight. I was very confused how the Oulahen/Denisov fight began. It looked like Denisov came in and started wailing on Oulahen. I couldn't tell if Oulahen had his gloves off before the fight started or after. All I know is they were off at the end and Oluahen looked caught off guard. Quincy's last fight was after the 4th goal. There was a late hit on McGrath after the goal and Quincy stuck up for the team. He was pretty heated and kept going after Purinton even after the refs split them up. The whole game was hard hitting and physical. This was the 10th time these teams have meet this season. Quincy's talked on the postgame show before about how that might be too many times in one season. I hope this was somewhat helpful!
  5. The Kids ARE Alright

    I was at the game tonight. It was a great game to watch. Quincey has a rough history with the Monsters and it continuted tonight. The whole team played great. Helm had two goals and one was while GR was short-handed 3-5. Final score 6-1.
  6. McCarty officially signs with Wings

    They wear the red and white jersey a lot on home Fridays.
  7. McCarty officially signs with Wings

    I'm pretty sure I read that they can send him down to GR on a 2 week conditioning stint without putting him on waivers.