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  1. US-East-3, but the stream is terrible anyway. It's not worth to buy the service just for this game. They offer "48 hour money back guarantee".
  2. It's constantly buffering
  3. US-East-3 server
  4. My $9.95/month VPN service saves the day yet again.
  5. Apparently he declined Penguins' offer
  6. It's interesting how people randomly meet other people that know some first-hand celebrity gossip that is relevant to their argument.
  7. It was last year for gold, this year for bronze.
  8. He was the only Ranger with heart during his last NHL playoffs. He also had a speach during last years world championship when they lost to Norway and Switzerland and had to beat Canada to stay in the competition, he scored the GWG and then they won the whole tournament beating Russians in the final (with Ovechkin, Malkin, Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, Semin, Fedorov, Gonchar). In the Czech Republic he's perceived as one of the few athletes that gives a s***.
  9. Not sure if NHL season was too taxing on him but Russians certainly didn't tax his paycheck. $7M/season in Russia is equivalent to $11M-$14M in NHL (depending on team).
  10. That wings' fans couldn't be GMs?
  11. Jagr to replace Modano? ($2.5M/season) Czech sport newspaper:
  12. He's trying to save his hometown team right now and don't really have time to think about his future team at this point. He needs a bit more time to finish the job so NHL is better option from this perspective because NHL camp starts in mid-september, KHL in late july. He's offered $3.5M/season (tax free) from Petersburg and Omsk. They also say that NHL teams are willing to offer him around $2.5M/season. He says if it's NHL he won't think too much about money. They talk about Montreal as the biggest candidate then Detroit, NY Rangers and Pittsburgh.
  13. f*** defense, sign Jagr.
  14. He sucks in the KHL. Hasek Dominik GP 39 GAA 2.54 SV% .912 SO 5 Nabokov Evgeny GP 22 GAA 3.02 SV% .888 SO 2