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  1. Wings Would Like To Re-sign Kopecky

    He can be replaced.
  2. Osgood proves he doesn't deserve No. 1 spot

    I think it's time to give Conklin 4-5 starts in a row
  3. Trade Val if necessary.

    They are gonna have to do something......
  4. Z down. Who is next for extension?

    I think for Hossa its gonna come down to this: Stay in Detroit...take less money..play on awinner the rest of your career. or Go somewhere else...most likely a middle of the road or crappy team...get paid big bucks...hope you make the playoffs. I mean how many other Stanley Cup contenders can afford to pay him 7-8 mil a season??
  5. McCarty

    Its not by choice.
  6. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writ...tml?eref=sircrc
  7. I'll worry more if its not done by the time the playoffs start.
  8. should we sign sanford?

    f*** no
  9. McCollum Traded

    Straight from Holland's mouth at the WJC....he was on TV.
  10. Penguins sign Jordan Staal, 4 Years $16 Million

    I think Hudler will be gone regardless.
  11. Gaborik to L.A.

    Kings can't go wrong picking in the top 2 but they will probably play well enough to not get either.
  12. Panthers ''looking'' to trade Horton

    I say move 2 or 3 players for him
  13. We need totally some other players right now

    Can't wait for Chelios to get back
  14. Detroit MIGHT be interested in Lehtonen

    Sure if it happened Howard would be included
  15. Rumor: Hossa leaving after this season

    That won't cost a truckload of money or anything.