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  1. scrum-bum

  2. GREAT idea! im w/ you on the desire to watch Cherry.When i used to live in Mi, i loved watching hockey night! I cant belive Alaska doesnt get it nhl radio,Versus and HDnet arent too bad though..
  3. i know its a long shot(i only know of 2 other wings fans, one is my wife)but i am trying to put together game nights.i only have VS. and HDNET to watch games on but if you live up hear thats about as good as you can get besides center ice.anyway, let me know maybee we could start a gettogether,or petition the bars to get center ice
  4. 1/12 GDT: Senators 3, Red Wings 2

    yaaay,i get to watch game on hdnet for the first time this season tonite.sorry to hear some of you wont get to watch. have no fear, if Z cant play then im sure pav,bear, flip, and the rest of the gang will step up again. its going to be a real nail bitter though,hopefully they're out of they're funk from last couple games. go wings
  5. 1/10 GDT: Wild 6, Red Wings 5 (SO)

    wow you guys are crazy w/ this s-word. haha, wings are kicking ass,im soo pumped this year!!! congrats ozzie! we're going to have big scoring tonight and im looking to see 'em square away there neutral zone play tonight and just show how much of a flawless team they actually are. !gooo wings!
  6. 1/8 GDT: Red Wings 1, Avalanche 0

    I agree- Wings 4-1 ,but my boy Cleary is hot lately-he'll get a trick w/helpers from Dats.Tuff Nutz Andeas gets empty netter! GO MIGHTY WINGED WHEEL,GO
  7. only games i get are on Versus! & (nhl radio)

    you'd think alaska would have cbc in there local tv but its not.o-well,ken kal aint soo least ill get most of the playoff run.
  8. only games i get are on Versus! & (nhl radio)

    thanks for all your going to give it a shot
  9. only games i get are on Versus! & (nhl radio)

    haha! i've been pushing hard to bet stationed at airsta detroit/or traverse city,but the man wont let specialty is c-130's,those two stations only have helo's... good idea though
  10. it seems like all of you guys are pretty savvy im just looking for some ideas or recomendations to be able to watch wings games besides center ice and the very few aired VS. games.... im stationed in Ak, born and bred wings fan appreciate any help
  11. 1/6 GTD: Red Wings 3, Blackhawks 1