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  1. Filppula griffs figure

    I got 2, but I am not planning on parting with them. Anyone else notice that Vals name is spelled wrong on the front of the box? They have it written as VALTERRI instead of VALTTERI. lol
  2. 08-09 Salary Cap Upper Limit: $56.7M

    It's bad news because it limits the fan base to only those who can afford to go, which is usually not a casual type of fan. Someone who doesn't watch a great deal of hockey is less inclined to buy a $75+ seat when they can spend 1/3 of that or less at another event and get as much enjoyment out of it.
  3. lol @ Therrien's press conference.

    He sounds really defeated. Depressed. I would be too, if my owners and managment went out to get a dynamic forward to increase our scoring depth and we have gone 136 minutes without scoring! Fear the juggernaut that is Detroit!
  4. Our Playoff Beards

    Nev looks like Niko from Grand Theft Auto 4!
  5. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Avalanche

    Can't find my photoshop disc... --- "Bad Andy"
  6. VS Announcers

    How about stating the obvious: "The chant from the crowd is Ozzy. For their goaltender Chris Osgood." "The chant from the crowd is lets go Red Wings." These pea-brains are paid for this crap? WTF.. --- "Bad Andy"
  7. What has happened to Lebda?

    Why not try running Lebda as a forward for a few games sometime? We did this with Meech toward the end of the season and he wasn't horrible. Having a player as fast as lebda isn't something you want to trade-away, it's an item most teams would love to have... seems like we have a good problem, with having so many good prospects! The future looks bright.
  8. NHL on NBC He says Detroit is in trouble during his western Conference rundown. They are too old, no blanced offense and goaltending is unproven this year. and of course all of our points are against St. Louis, Columbus, Chicago and Nashville... Why are these guys so clueless?!?!? It's even funnier when all the stats scrolling at the bottom show Detroit in the top 5 of everything!