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  1. I went to high school with Taylor Hall for two years. He's probably one of the dumbest people around. With that being said, pretty sure the video is a complete joke. He's not the only one who chirps Eberle. Listen to Horcoff.
  2. entertaining. EDIT: sorry guys, bad link... should work now.
  3. Loving how excited the announcer just got when San Jose scored... we realize you don't want Detroit to win, but calm down.
  4. I ******* love this country!!! Having said that, I still think Crosby's a dumbass.
  5. It's called a blackberry... good work RIM. and awesome story buddy! jealous!
  7. Apparently Minnesota.
  8. I could kill somebody right now... this goal came unusually quick after State snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
  9. No, we should not lower expectations. There are no excuses for sucking. I still expect to win.
  10. I'm surprised people weren't swarming the front row lol... what an opportunity.
  11. I think both are awesome, the paralympic ones could have had circle shapes too though. I haven't checked for awhile but I don't think i remember seeing anything like a beaver, a loon, a maple leaf or any of our other national symbols on it, although I do enjoy the Orca/Abi business.
  12. Prove that you are not going to suck after being owned in the Stanley Cup Final. Like the LA Lakers... I don't want to wait for a 5 year rebuilding process. I want success now.
  13. Stanley Cup Champs.