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  1. A new point system for the NHL

    I agree...Here is how it should be, and its not all that drastic. You get two pts for winning in regulation and Overtime. You get 1 point for the shootout win, and no points for losing. This effectively makes teams want to win in regulation...win period. You can't play for the shootout, and you can't necessarily play for overtime, although if your a good skating team you might be wiling to take your chances. Ties are stupid, whoever is okay with a tie, should have their head examined. Its like kissing your sister. Its the most anti-climactic conclusion to any sporting event. Not to mention if I'm dropping 100 bucks on a game, I better have a winner and a loser. If you want a tie, then play some chess. We all want to see our team in the throws of victory and we want to see the opposition in utter disgust at losing....But a tie??? If you want some variation to that, then maybe it would be 3pts for regualtion win, 2 for OT, 1 for shootout. The other benifit is we wouldn't have certain teams hovering around a playoff spot because they lost all their games in OT or SO. I know this scenario could lead to much more trapping because coaches would be scared to death of losing in regulation.