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  1. Gutierrez


  2. Gutierrez

    Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    Apparently The Wild met with Suter today as well. Owner Craig Leopold and GM Chuck Fletcher and coach Mike Yeo just landed at Madison, WIS.
  3. Gutierrez

    2008 Red Wings vs. 2012 Red Wings

    I think people are forgetting just how good defensively the 08 team was. We weren't giving up many shots per game, and were out-shooting teams by a 2-1 margin a lot of nights. That team also didn't turn the puck nearly as much as this years squad. Also offensively there isn't as much depth compared to the 08 team, that third line of Cleary-Samuelsson-Filppula was pretty potent in 08.
  4. Gutierrez

    Bryzgalov interview

    yahoo interview with Bryz
  5. Gutierrez

    Playoff Beard Time!

    I had a beard going but after well down 0-3 I shaved as a last ditch effort to reverse our fortunes; looks like it worked
  6. Gutierrez

    History doesn't surrender

    it's def on, that's where I first saw it and then found it on youtube.
  7. Gutierrez

    History doesn't surrender

    I was wondering if they'd make one after last night's win
  8. Gutierrez

    WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Two teams forcing a game 7 after being down 0-3 in the same postseason? Unlikely.
  9. Gutierrez

    Some possible NEEDED changes in the Offseason

    I don't understand the want for Kronwall to go. He was one of our best players in the first round and logged more mins than Nick and has great offensive instinct and good first pass. To the OP, your point about it being bad that management entices players if they give them ntc, longer stay, etc. I think that strategy has actually worked. Anytime you can get a guy to sign for less it shows that he truly wants to play there and your management did a good job. See Hossa, Rafalski(he was integral in the 08 season), etc. It's been pretty well documented that players come to Detroit and sign for less to not only have a shot of winning a cup, but to allow more money to be spent on other players. I don't see how being a prime destination for free agents is a bad thing. Would you rather we be like Edmonton, where no on wants to sign? They have no ntc or long term deals for older players, that's really working out for them hu?
  10. Gutierrez

    4th line

    I don't understand the lack of love for Miller. I thought he played well with us last season, especially teamed with Eaves on pk, and even chipped in a few goals.
  11. Gutierrez

    Toughest NHL area for visiting teams to play in

    I think we are on that list for a couple of reasons, one being that JLA is an older building and not as fancy/modern as some of the other newer arenas so having to play here it must be annoying (if that's the correct word) for opposing players. It's a little dingy, it's dark, the opposing locker rooms probably are not as nice, etc. Not to mention the active boards cause fits for away teams to have to deal with and figure out. Another reason is we've had a very good home record the last few years and the away teams know it's tough to win in here.
  12. Gutierrez

    Holland and Nill to get extensions

    Good news as Holland is the best GM in the game right now and Nill could be a GM for a lot of other teams. I concur with everyone else saying Stevie will probably not go to Tampa and at least stay here a few more years. As sad as that day will be, I'd rather have Holland.
  13. Gutierrez

    Mike Babcock is an embarrassment to the NHL

    This deserves more than just a regular facepalm.
  14. Gutierrez

    What is your Superstition?

    I never eat during games. I think that has more to do with me being so nervous/anxious than being superstitious though
  15. Gutierrez

    Beard time!

    This was last year's playoff beard and yes it was unbearable but anything for my wings. Hope it gets this long again!