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  1. It's possible, if our goalie defends the correct side of the net. Oh too funny, he's just sitting on the back of the net while they score.
  2. Why are your quoting me with this garbage? Are you trying to say that I'm insinuating any of the above? I'm just calling it the way I see it, it was gross and if it was on us, I'd hope the guy got ejected. Now in saying that, do I think that Nyquist did it intentional to try and hurt someone? Doubtful, he's probably just as frustrated at their suckage as us fans are.
  3. Wow. just seeing the replay on the high stick... If this happened to someone on Detroit, I'd be furious that he didn't get removed from the game. What was he thinking?
  4. I had to step away for a minute and by reading this thread, something not so good happened with Gus? Aside from the goal of course...
  5. JR asks a Wings fan who lives in Toronto: "How hard is it bring a Toronto fan in Detroit?". What a jackass.
  6. This team just doesn't care. It's embarrassing.
  7. This team will be fun to watch, win or lose, if they can play this hard and show effort for a full 60 minutes every night. What frustrated me the most last season was that they seemed like they didn't care.
  8. Petr looking good early.
  9. Woohoo!!! First PP, first goal, first for Vanek.
  10. Glad the season is starting up again, it's been a long off season!
  11. Is this one not being aired on tv either tonight? Would have loved to watch this one.
  12. Was hoping that this would be on GameCenter, but doesn't look like it will be. If anyone can help me out on how I can watch also, would be awesome.
  13. Upper bowl anything between 1-10 are my favorites. You can see everything from any seat, upper 1-10 are definitely the best in my opinion.
  14. I hate to say it, but I think that is a fair assessment, if not pretty generous. How we go from being one of the best to close to the bottom is incredible and sucks. But I love this team and I'm hopeful that both our team and management works their way back up to the top.