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  1. It means crap, we've been on the winning end of the first 2 challenges, so we lose the next 20.
  2. Oh cool, I'm going to have to pay attention to him then. I didn't have a chance to catch any pre-seasons games and have seen lots of Frk talk.
  3. What's the hype around Frk lately? Didn't he get waived by us and the Canes just last season? What am I missing? Also, Nyquist lift it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Weird that there was no mention of goaltender interference before the review. I'll take it of course and he did make contact, so it's not a gift.
  5. oops. that puck was in the net. Edit: Damn, they are checking for it.
  6. Glad to see our 8 legged friends making an early appearance at the LCA!
  7. Pre-Season Games

    So much for waiting months to watch a hockey game. 2017 and they're still incapable of broadcasting a pre-season game. And then what is up with this black out nonsense? Why does Boston have to block out the game outside of their area, what am I missing?
  8. Pre-Season Games

    Is Boston's stream on their website blacked out to those of us in Detroit? It's completely black for me, just don't know if my browser is being buggy or if we're blacked out.
  9. 2017 Draft

    I know that right now I am wishing that his name didn't have that extra n.
  10. 2017 Draft

    Real question here, as I see Kenny getting lots of s*** about this pick. I'm truthfully not familiar with how an organization comes to decide on a pick and my guess is most here don't either, but for anyone that does: Is it actually Holland responsible for deciding on the pick? I'm sure he can veto it of course, but I would imagine that the scouts are the ones responsible more so than Holland. Not trolling, looking to be educated.
  11. 2017 Draft

    Are you sure Rasmussen will get to play in the NHL before Larkin/AA/Mantha retire?
  12. 2017 Draft

    Don't know anything about this guy, but haven't seen anyone on these boards say anything about him this evening as well. I imagine we're not supposed to be happy?
  13. 2017 Draft

    I hope I'm wrong, but I have this feeling that Holland is about to trade back.