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  1. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Haven't watched much this playoffs, but I've watched this entire game. These last 10 minutes are making me miss Red Wings playoff hockey so much.
  2. Update: At Least 14 dead in Humboldt Broncos In Accident (SJHL)

    Very sad to hear a story this tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with the community, family and friends of those involved.
  3. Bad Fans?

    This is mostly about me, but I'm sure lots of others relate. I've always considered myself to be a huge Wings fan, I haven't missed a game in I don't even remember how long. Even this season, I still have every game on tv, but it's mostly background to me working on more productive things. Where I feel dirty, is I want the Wings to score, but I want them to score 1 less than the opposition. I understand that short term suckage = long term success, but does that make me (and others like me) a bad fan? I just want that #1 OA pick damnit!!!
  4. Bad Fans?

    Oh for sure, I don't want them to tank purposely - karma would probably pop it's dirty little head in at that point and give us the worst possible pick we could end up with. As for what everyone else is saying about the system, couldn't agree more with that. I just don't know what a better system would be, and probably why nothing better has been implemented. It does make sense for the worst team to get the best odds at the best player available right, so that they have an opportunity to come out of the basement. If they award best changes to getting the BPA to the "best worst team", then I feel that the basement teams would continuously struggle to get out (hell, even teams who get multiple BPA can't get out of the basement). I don't know, I just don't have a good suggestion there.
  5. Rumors Thread

    What? That's crazy and I couldn't be happier with that return.
  6. Rumors Thread

    Part of me wants this to happen just because the Leafs fans are getting all worked up and don't want him. The other part of me doesn't want to give him up for what the leafs would pay.
  7. Rumors Thread

    I'd be perfectly content with this. It's just a bit nerve wrecking knowing that McD and Karlsson are available, so the Green stuff would happen at the very last's minute or we wouldn't get full value. I hope I'm wrong on the value part.
  8. Rumors Thread

    I'm just now turning on trade deadline talk for the day. By the sounds of the posts today, we might not be doing much huh? I'm surprised as some of these returns and don't get why we're not doing the same. Does Holland and Co really think we're making the playoffs this year and are trying to hold onto some of these guys?
  9. Rumors Thread

    Oh stop teasing!!! I'm hoping we get at least one.
  10. Arena Parking

    Forgive me if this has been asked a million times. I haven't had a chance this year to go watch a game at the new arena and I haven't even had a chance to be in the area to check it out at all. I plan on going to a game within the next few weeks and was curious about parking. I know there is plenty of parking around the area, but I was just curious - does the LCA have a parking garage of its own like the JLA did? I've done some searches, but all I've seen is the ability to reserve parking in the nearby areas, which is cool too.
  11. Arena Parking

    So I went to last night's game and took my dad along with me and wanted to just update this thread with my thoughts on the place. Beautiful arena, no doubt. My only knock on it is the seating. They really stuffed those seats in there - at 6'0, my knees have never been so cramped. Even my dad at about 5'8" was a little cramped. Still, as much as the seating sucks, it still wouldn't prevent me from going a game there. I also now understand why the arena looks empty on TV. Unbelievable the amount of people that are watching the game from the concourse on the screens! I guess a lot of people go to the game just to be in that environment, but don't really care to watch the game in the bowl, they are content with hanging out in there and watching it on the screens. Curious if this will change when the Wings get good again actually.
  12. Arena Parking

    Gotcha, that makes sense, thanks. I have not seen a single thing there yet, and have been wanting to, so looking forward to heading out there for tomorrow's game and checking out the area.
  13. Arena Parking

    I saw this, which is what lead me to the question about the parking garage. I was mostly curious if the LCA had their own garage, because see all of these parking options available for pre-purchase, but wasn't seeing anything for their own garage, which seemed odd.
  14. Some good news for Holland haters

    I'm not a Holland hater, but I also don't think he should be given a new contract as GM here. It is sad though, thinking that he could be going to another franchise. If he does, I wish him the best. Either way, it's time we see a new GM in Detroit.
  15. 2/11 GDT Red Wings at Capitals 3:00 PM EST

    That was a pretty goal, ugly 3rd period. But why did we snag any points at all? I love this team, but they aren't doing themselves any favors.
  16. Rasmus Dahlin, are you watching this game? We want you this bad...
  17. I wonder if 2016-2017 Sheahan would have scored either of those. Feel bad for the kid, but it happens. Bert for the game winner.
  18. So you're subtly saying that we needed this call in our favor and another 5,000 more of these. You got me, I agree.
  19. Ok, wow. That call is ridiculous and if we were on the other end of this, I'd be furious.
  20. If they over turn this, I'm going to be shocked. That's a good goal to me.
  21. 10/18 GDT - Red Wings at Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM EST

    I guess we're going to let them score every ******* shot. Why even use a goaltender at this point? Just bring out an extra skater. I can handle a loss, but wtf is this?
  22. It means crap, we've been on the winning end of the first 2 challenges, so we lose the next 20.
  23. Oh cool, I'm going to have to pay attention to him then. I didn't have a chance to catch any pre-seasons games and have seen lots of Frk talk.