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    November Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    Thanks a lot, sir! The iPhone 5 one gets cut off when I use it for a lock screen though. Any reasoning why? EDIT: Silly me, I turned off the motion like you said. Looks awesome. Great job!
  3. Nicholonio

    October Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    So any update on an iPhone wallpaper for next month?
  4. Nicholonio

    Tomas Hertl

    That move wasn't pulled on Lundqvist, but still doesn't take away how impressive that was. What a talent. I knew he was going to be good before the season started.
  5. Nicholonio

    October Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    Alrighty! Just figures when I FINALLY get an iPhone, all the new things happen and then this. It's all good though! When it happens, it happens!
  6. Nicholonio

    October Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    ETA on the iPhone 5 wallpaper any ways? Looks sick per usual, Matt. Thanks a lot!
  7. Nicholonio

    Preds Managemant Charging Hawks Fans Double

    This is what I immediately thought of when I saw the thread title. Granted I understand the idea behind what they're doing with everything, and I don't see the wrong in it, but I don't even bother buying tickets through any Detroit organization anymore unless StubHub is really high up in price. That will all change when I eventually get season tickets on day, though.
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    Any new Helm Updates?

    If Helm doesn't return, it's not big loss. Just replace him with some batteries!
  9. Nicholonio

    Five Hole For Food

    A shame more people from this forum haven't watched this video. That was pretty inspirational to watch, I hope this takes off one day. I'd love to help out.
  10. Nicholonio

    New York Rangers

    This. I had hopes for John Tortorella since he won a Cup with Tampa Bay and such, but with the team that team had, his coaching style didn't work. Hopefully it does in Vancouver (as much as it pains me to say it), I wish him the best there since he's an American coach. I really like the style AV coaches and I think he'll help out this team and we'll finally see their potential. I mean hell, look at the season a couple years ago when they dominated under JT. Yeah sure it was a different roster, but I believe they upgraded their talent and are a better team now. The NYR are my second favorite team other than the Wings, I want them to win SO bad. And honestly, their Cup drought isn't that bad if you think about it.
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    Jim Nill takes Red Wings’ director of amateur scouting to Dallas

    lmao, please explain to me IN DEPTH why it's been a horrible past two days.
  12. Nicholonio

    Jim Nill takes Red Wings’ director of amateur scouting to Dallas

    lol, good thing I like Dallas. I think the Wings organization will be alright, though. It is a huge blow.
  13. Nicholonio

    Brunner Contract Talks

    Yet you'll watch next season just like everyone else, settle down. We're all going to bitter about not signing Brunner (and for those who don't like him, you win lol) but when it all comes down to big deal. We signed two great FA's yesterday and we don't need to overpay for a guy who hasn't proved himself 100% during a full-season. It's not the Wings MO to do something like that.
  14. Nicholonio

    Wings Attempting to Re-sign Cleary

    I think everyone got caught up last season with the youth and expect these young guys to be amazing right off the bat. They'll come and go throughout this season and will be inserted at the right times. Nyquist and Andersson will be on the opening day roster. me thinks. The moment they start to suck, everyone will turn on them. It's how our fan-base works. Cleary is a great player for this team. He does a lot for what we pay him (which isn't an enormous amount) and much more. He puts his heart and soul on that ice each and every night, and those players are hard to come by. It's not like he's 37 years old, he's 34. I think his offensive numbers will jump up this season too with the guys we signed (considering the past 6 years have been meh). If things start to decline as he gets older, hopefully Holland does the right thing then.
  15. Nicholonio

    Wings sign Stephen Weiss, 5-years, $24.5m

    Not going to lie, don't know anything about him because I never got to watch the East, especially the Panthers. I could sit here and say how much of a great player he was, but judging off his stats before his injured year, I'm happy he's here and he seems excited to be here. Plus he's a former Whaler! Can't wait for him to suit up.
  16. Love this signing so much. At first when I woke up yesterday it confused the hell out of me and I felt horrible that we just took Ottawa's longest-tenured captain, but after things settled in it made sense. He wants to win the Cup, so he comes here. Plain and simple. Love how he still believes in our organization. Hopefully more of the "vets" or younger guys see this and think the same way. Plus it's one year so if he does choose to retire or not, we can go after someone else next off-season where the talent is even better.
  17. I hope all this is true and Flip doesn't come back. Good riddance.
  18. Nicholonio

    Saddledome Under Water

    Solid joke, sir. Solid joke. With that said, this is horrible news. Hopefully they can recover everything. Jarome got out in the knick of time.
  19. Nicholonio

    Wings Sign Drew Miller to 3 year extension @ 1.35m/yr

    Love this signing, just like the majority of the consensus here. And for the price? Just plain awesome.
  20. Nicholonio

    If Hossa gets bought out..

    lmao, I know - right? I know things are fun to be discussed, but this won't ever happen. He's a huge part of the Blackhawks success.
  21. Nicholonio

    Pens potentially moving Malkin?

    I know it's fun to think about, but Malkin won't be going anywhere. He's a Penguin for life, I can never see him ever leaving.
  22. The 'Canes logo ones are way too high on the jersey, I don't like where the logo is placed at. I was pretty excited to see their new jerseys and when they were released through Instagram I was disappointed. They aren't horrible, I just don't understand why so many teams have to go with a plain Original Six look to them.
  23. Nicholonio

    New Dallas Stars uniforms

    I actually sorta like them. Wish they went with a different shade of green (like the ones I posted below), but I think those will grow on me.
  24. Nicholonio

    Post Everytime You Look

    I'm hungry.