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    i like, hockey, soccer ( to me, futbol), music ( blues, r&b, reggae, progressive), Rollerhockey<br />

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  1. Chris Osgood

    you all forgot that He also HAD A GOAL! so.. with those stats he diserve HoF all the way! And yesterday..1.30 seconds left and he stop the shot!
  2. The best hockey commercial ever

    the action figures play better than the actual players....
  3. Fair Justice

    yes! he won my heart!! being a football ( soccer) fan also, i like the players who take no s*** from no one and stand for the teammates! here in argentina, in boca we had a lot of players that go hard on the others team player, it's a tradition, Gamboa, Chicho Serna, Bermudez, Ibarra, hell of a players with a lot a lot of balls the most impresive, is that he went twice to take justice, here we say " LO ATENDIO" that means that he was pick up
  4. Looking For a Pic of the Turtle

    it's a classic seeing the avs doing the Turtle! jajaja
  5. Members photos

    a new red wing fan is coming to Town!
  6. Post Everytime You Look

    what time is it there right now? im posting from the future.. here is 930 am! am i Hiro?