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  1. Please give it your all! and of course WIN!!!
  4. Ever since I saw this episode of a show in Sweden called "Roomservice" where they remodelled Zetterberg's kitchen I realised that Zetterberg is living my dream life. I kind of got the same personality as Zetterberg and would love to play sports professionally. I also wouldn't mind having a girlfriend like Emma who's very hot and loves to cook.
  5. I've also noticed it. An example of it was Rafalski on Crosby's goal in the last game. Instead of passing the puck to Lidstrom he tried to pass it up the ice himself. It led to a giveaway and a goal. They need to try to keep it simple.
  6. Here's a picture of my brother when he met Kronwall and the Cup.
  7. PS

    It's a gonna be tough for the Avs to choose a starter for game 3.
  8. I want to see how they look with Forsberg and a decent playing goalie. But so far I agree, they've been terrible and the games haven't been very competitive.